Holidays in Split, Croatia

If you are planning to spend your next holidays in Split, Croatia, you will be glad to hear that over the last couple of years Split city has become a top travel and vacation destination in Croatia, leaving many other popular Croatia’s vacation destinations behind in the race.

This has led to the rise in the offer and quality of various tourist activities, travel packages, excursions from Split, island tours, bars and nightlife and various accommodation units you can rent in the downtown of Split, near popular beaches or far away from the busy city life.

As the competition between tourist agencies in Split increases so does the quality and range of vacation offers which is a very good news for anyone planning their holidays in Split and for Split tourism as a whole.

We will take a look at the most popular holiday offers, accommodations, sights, bars and activities you can choose between to make your visit to Split unforgettable.

Pakleni Islands
Split Islands

Croatia has more than 1000 islands dotting its long coastline and here we present you with islands near Split along with their top destinations, attractions and beaches.

Diocletian’s Palace

In the heart of modern city of Split stands a 1700 year old Palace. We take you through all it’s major attractions and not to miss sights revealing interesting history behind them.

Marjan Hill

Marjan is a favorite place for families to go on a hike, sportsmen to go on a run up, down and across the hill and for elders who enjoy long walks by the sea shaded under the lush pine forest.

Split Tourism

The popularity of Split tourism and the rich travel offers you can choose between when planning your holidays in Split is mainly due to the exceptional position of the city of Split as the central point of Dalmatia. Split is the starting point for visiting most popular coastal cities and villages in Dalmatia, as well as the main port from where most popular Croatian islands are only short ride away.

If you wish to visit some of the beautiful Split islands, you are once more in luck, as from the city port you can take a ferry and be far away from the mainland by taking pleasant panoramic boat ride along the island shores.

Murvica near Dragon's Cave and Famous Zlatni Rat beach, Bol
Island Brac

Brac has gorgeous beaches, charming old towns and diverse historic sites. If you prefer a more relaxed setting rather than the glitz which the nearby Hvar is known for, then Brac is ideal for you.

Beautiful Hvar port
Island Hvar

Often referred to as the jewel in the crown of the Dalmatian Coast and compared to the iconic Cote d’Azur, Hvar Island is quickly becoming one of the top holiday destinations in Europe.

Island Vis

If you want to enjoy the sound of waves crashing and the tranquility of lush green forests without being surrounded by a big crowd of tourists, then Vis is the ideal place to visit from Split.

Relaxing on a deck chair in Palmizana
Pakleni Islands

Away from the city, the most beautiful group of islands in the area is not far with speedboats. Discover forest-covered island chain immersed in crystal clear sea in the near vicinity of Hvar.


Besides being a starting point for exploring numerous Split islands and picturesque coastal towns, Split is also a major cultural and historic center of Dalmatia. It’s 1700 year old history preserves relics from the past attracting visitors from all over the world.

Majority of Split’s attractions can be visited in the Split’s old town, in and around famous Diocletian’s Palace.

St Domnius Cathedral

Cathedral of St. Domnius is the second oldest structure in the world which is in function as the Christian Cathedral, and is the oldest Catholic cathedral which remains in use in its original structure.


When you step on the polished stones of the Peristyle, it’s easy to imagine how Diocletian entered with his imperial garments and walked among the cheering crowd.

Vestibul-Diocletian Palace-roof

In the Roman world, the emperor had a divine origin. In fact, he was the son of Jupiter, the king of the gods. The role of the vestibule was to reinstate this as it was the waiting room.


Diocletian’s mausoleum is part of the emperor’s palatial complex in the heart of Split, Croatia. The building, which was constructed at the run of the 4th century AD, is still in use today.

Diocletian Basements

Situated right under the emperor’s quarters the mirrored floor-plan of basements is not an aesthetic solution, as the cellar’s walls, columns and archers support the structure above.

Photo by Following Hadrian
Temple of Jupiter

Historians have dated the building of the Temple of Jupiter between 295 and 305 AD. It was built as part of the imperial palace’s complex right across the mausoleum – the final resting place of Diocletian.

Gregury Nin

Touch the finger for good luck! The statue was initially erected in the Peristyle of Diocletian’s Palace, a place truly worthy of such an important figure in Croatian history.

Fruit Square

It is considered to be one of the most beautiful not only in the city, but in the entire region because of the splendid Baroque architecture of the buildings that surround it.

Shore excursions from Split

In case you wish to visit secluded beaches on the islands, hidden bays and popular island destinations and attractions in a single day, you may decide to take some of the most popular daily speedboat tours from Split and experience all the beauty Dalmatia has to offer in a single day. The main advantage of such a tour is that you get to experience all the breathtaking stops on different islands which you would otherwise need number of days to visit yourself.

Exploring inside the Blue Cave
Blue Cave Croatia

One of the most unique natural phenomena in the world, the Blue Cave will be a highlight of your holiday. With its silvery-blue color, created by light refraction of sunlight entering through a crack in the stone, it leaves nobody indifferent.

Blue Lagoon Croatia

Swimming and snorkeling paradise! Since the Adriatic sea around the Croatian islands is always crystal clear the shallow water inside the lagoon is immaculately clear so you can easily see all the way to the bottom of the sea.

Town Hvar

Hvar town has a long and distinguished history as a center for trade and culture on the Adriatic.As one of the earliest tourist boards in Europe, it was founded in 1868 with the purpose of providing good care for visitors.

Nature tours from Split

Only short distance from Split you can visit the untouched nature of Cetina River canyon, where you can embark on rafting or canyoning expedition, National Park Krka with it’s numerous natural beauties, as well as the National Park Plitvice with its large and small lakes and the largest waterfall in Croatia which is the main landmark of this location.

Visovac island, Krka national park
Krka National Park

Swim by the waterfalls! One of the most remarkable natural landmarks in Croatia is Skradinski buk, a waterfall system with travertine formations spreading over 800 meters in length. It is the top attraction of Krka National Park and we take you trough its many trails.

Plitvice National Park

The lakes are beautiful at every time of the year, but during the spring, summer and early autumn, the vegetation makes the place spectacular. Many people prefer to visit the park on a hot summer’s day to enjoy the cool breeze created by the splashing water.

showering under Krka waterfall
Krka Tour Travel Guide

Welcome to “Krka 101” – our how-to guide for doing the park right, coupled and with a tour that will have you hopping, skipping, and jumping for joy through one of Croatia’s most magical natural wonders.

Plitvice Tour Tavel Guide

While you might have guessed that Plitvice Lakes isn’t technically the 8th Wonder of the World, it could easily be in the running – and it’s not hard to see why. Thousands of tourists are driven to Croatia each year to see one of nature’s best miracles.

Activities in Split

Besides taking rafting or canyoning tour on the nearby Cetina River, you can take number of activities within the city of Split itself. With great number of beaches offering different sea gadgets you can rent or choose various activities on Marjan hill, locally called the lungs of the city, you can enjoy and experience nature and active life without the need of ever leaving this popular city.

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4.80 out of 5
Split Walking Tour – Follow the steps of Emperor Diocletian
Split Walking Tour – Follow the steps of Emperor Diocletian

On this popular Split walking tour we will give you an insight into the emperor’s life and an abstract of the city’s 1700-year-old history. Diocletian’s Palace is a living monument, so do not be surprised to discover that it is the urban center, filled with homes, shops and cafes. This biggest and most precious monument in the city is well preserved and it will be a great walk into Split’s fascinating past.

Duration: 75 min or 120 minutes

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4.80 out of 5
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Bus tour Split, Klis, Salona and Trogir. Hop on Hopp off bus tour
0 out of 5
Hop on Hopp off Bus Tour Split
Hop on Hopp off Bus Tour Split

Combine the tours within the 24 or 48 hours and discover the most beautiful & interesting sights in Split,Salona,Klis & Trogir. Take the red line and discover modern area of Split by bus followed by the walking tour of Diocletian’s Palace-one of the most significant original structures of the late ancient architecture. Take the blue line and visit Salona,Klis and Trogir and learn important facts about our history and culture.

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5.00 out of 5
Segway Tour Split – Let’s glide through the history
Segway Tour Split – Let’s glide through the history

Segway tour Split is the perfect and fun way to explore all of the attractions in the old town of Split and go for an picturesque ride in park forest Marjan where you will enjoy in some spectacular views. Take a segway tour and discover many of Split’s hidden sites and protected bays and beaches on Marjan hill.

Duration: 120-135 min

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5.00 out of 5

City Breaks

As Split is well connected to all the major towns and cities in Croatia and the nearby countries, you can choose to take one day city break to some of the most popular cities nearby. Leaving Split by bus in the morning and returning in the evening would enrich you for one more memorable experience.

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Day Trip to Mostar and Kravice Waterfalls
Day Trip to Mostar and Kravice Waterfalls

On this tour, you’ll get to do a little bit of everything, from exploring the history of this medieval area to swimming under refreshing waterfalls and enjoying shopping and tasty traditional cuisine in the picturesque town of Mostar. We call it a window to the Orient – and if you join our tour, you can find out why.

Duration: approximately 12 hours
Tour Operates: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
Departure: 07:00 AM

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Mostar & Kravice waterfalls Tour – Window to the Orient
Mostar & Kravice waterfalls Tour – Window to the Orient

On Mostar and Međugorje tour from Split we take you on a tour to discover and explore these beautiful historic cities. For only one day we will take you beyond Croatia’s borders into Bosna and Hercegovina. Mostar offers a great insight into the Ottoman empire with its landmark bridge and bazaar streets. After Mostar you will visit Međugorje, a small village with a completely different story; today a pilgrimage site after Virgin Mary allegedly appeared in 1981.

Duration:  approx 11 hours

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Clifs and fortress in Dubrovnik
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Full Day Tour to Dubrovnik
Full Day Tour to Dubrovnik

This full day group tour will show you all beauties of Dubrovnik and our coast. You will start your day at 7:30 on a bus/taxi terminal in Split. After approx. 3-4 hours of driving along the highway with our air conditioned van you will meet coastal road and amaizing panoramic views of a Neretva river and Croatian islands. Around 11:30 you wil be amaized with the most popular Croatian town, a real pearl on the Adriatic – Dubrovnik. After walking city tour with professional guide, you will still have plenty of free time for exploring the city on your own. Return to Split is scheduled around 20:00.

Duration: approx 12 hours

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teracotta rooftops in Dubrovnik old town
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Day Trip from Split to Dubrovnik – Explore the imperial fortress city
Day Trip from Split to Dubrovnik – Explore the imperial fortress city

Day trip from Split to Dubrovik is a private tour designed to reveal all the beauties of “Croatian Pearl”, city of Dubrovnik. The rich history of Dubrovnik reveals ancient stories on every corner of Dubrovnik old town. Incredible cultural heritage sites coupled with numerous pristine beaches in and around the city and picturesque bars occupying every street in the old town, make this “Pearl of Croatia” a must visit destination.

Duration: approx 12 hours

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Museums and Culture of Split

As you may already know, Split was founded in 295 AD when Roman Emperor Diocletian decided to build a palace in what is now downtown of Split. With over 1,700 years of history all mashed together within the walls of Diocletian Palace you will find many interesting monuments, churches and buildings which remained as they were when they were first built, or were expanded, rebuilt and very often combined with older structures to create a unique architectural design carrying signatures of many styles that replaced one another as the centuries went by.

With such a rich history and culture you may wish to learn more about by visiting some of the most important museums that will bring the history of this ancient city back to life.


Šetalište Ivana Meštrovića 46
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Split Tourist information

If you are wondering where to stay while in Split, what localities you wish to visit or which of them interest you and what are the top 10 things to do in Split, we have prepared for you some guides on how to experience this ancient city to the fullest. We even have a guide to help you experience Split if you are only visiting it for a day.

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Split Travel Guide

Whilst most guidebooks on Split are focused on the main attractions of Diocletian’s Palace there are many more fascinating sights and attractions that stay off the radar.

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Places you cannot find through Split Tourist Information

Discover places that quietly stay clear from the limelight and away from the headlines. They are the places that ooze with urban charm and places where the people are the attraction.

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Top 10 Things to do in Split

Split has many attractions and fun things all within comfortable walking distance. We have rounded up the top ten things to do and see in Split.

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One day in Split

Split is a tourism gem with many things to do and a myriad of attractions waiting to be discovered. The UNESCO listed Diocletian’s Palace and historic core is the nucleus of Split, the heartbeat of the city, and this is precisely what makes it so magnificent.

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Split’s Bars and Nightlife

With the rise of tourist offers in Split simultaneous was the rise in renewing or opening new bars, restaurants and night clubs. Split today has to offer everything to anyone. All you have to do is find the bar, restaurant or club which fulfils your demands and lifestyle.

Bars in Split

The narrow streets of Diocletian’s Palace, the historic core, and suburbs are packed with cafes that convert into bars come nightfall. Find out where the nighlife starts, discover the secret watering holes, or quiet hangouts.

Nightlife in Split

Start your evening in the crammed café bars within Diocletian’s Palace and Split’s historic core before they close at 1am. When the clock strikes, the party starts in the suburban clubs where you can make noise till sunrise.

Just relax on a city beach

There are a number of iconic beaches in Split city and in it’s near vicinity. Bacvice, the most popular beach, is located only 10 minute walk from Split center. Marjan hill is also a location of most beautiful pebble beaches in Split.

Play Picigin on Bačvice Beach

Picigin is Split’s pride and joy. It is a ’sport’ invented by them where two or more speedo-equipped players toss a small ball around in knee-high water. It involves very intricate flips and jumps to save the ball from falling into the sea. The birthplace of Picigin is Bačvice, Split’s sandy beach located a 10-minite walk from Riva. Give it a try between tanning and drinks in the Žbirac cafe.

Relax on a Beach

Take advantage of our insiders guide revealing the best beaches in Split. You are sure to find the beach which best suites you. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy in the summers day.


One day in Split

What Can You do in a Day? Many times you end up spending only one day in Split. It doesn’t need to be uneventful, though. Discover what you can do in Split in a single day!

Island Hopping Adventure

Discover Split islands in a day! With a playground of pristine islands as a backyard, a visit to coastal Croatia cannot be complete without a game of island hopping.

Hidden City Jewels

We want to tell you about some of the places that quietly stay clear from the limelight and away from the tourist board headlines. They are the places that ooze with urban charm.