National Parks from Split, Croatia

National parks in Croatia are protected areas of astounding natural beauties and a national pride which people of Croatia have decided to protect and cherish so that future generations may enjoy in their marvel as well. All together there are eight national parks in Croatia four of which are relatively close to the city of Split.

However, if you plan to visit national parks from Split, the most common tours to national parks will include van or a bus tour from Split to Krka National Park tour and Split to Plitvice National Park tour. In case you are looking to rent a sailing yacht or a boat for a week than we would recommend a visit to National Park Mljet on island Mljet and the breathtaking beauty of Kornati islands archipelago.

If you wish to experience the mountain beauty with its wildlife, various plants, sounds and its smells, than visit to the National Park North Velebit which stretches over the area of 109 squared kilometers may be the trip you are looking for.

Be mindful though, since national parks are a protected areas in Croatia, there are some behavioural rules which must be followed. You will find the rules of behaviour clearly stated on the entrance of each National Park individually but we will list the common ones anyway.

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  • Do not move outside of the trails and paths of National Parks as the foot stomps destroy the plant world below. You may be standing on some protected plant specie without even realizing it.
  • Do not pick plants or mushrooms for the same reason. If each visitor to the National Park decided to pick a plant the result would be devastating as you can imagine.
  • Do not throw garbage on the areas of National Park. Even though this one is obvious there is more and more evidence of the plastic being disposed on the protected areas of National Parks. Put you trash in the bag and dispose it properly once you reach nearest town or city.

Those were some specific rules of behaviour inside the Croatian National Parks. There are more, specific to each National Park, which you will learn as you arrive there.

We are offering two tours to National Parks from Split. Really close one, and the most popular, is the tour from Split to Krka National Park. The second National Park tour from Split is to Plitvice Lakes national Park which is the oldest and the largest National Park in Croatia. Because Plitvice Lakes is on a half way from Split to Zagreb, this tour is favorite option for travellers transferring from one place to the other with visit to Plitvice included in the transfer option. If you wish to make your trip to Split or Zagreb more memorable, we are offering the transfer service with Plitvice National Park included.

Krka National Park from Split

Krka National Park tour from Split starts at 08:30 from Promenade in Split when you are taken on a one and a half hour panoramic ride from Split to Skradinski Buk inside Krka National Park. The entire tour lasts for 11 hours and is filled with amazing sites, beautiful trials, educational ethno workshops and even swimming opportunities in the Krka river by the waterfalls.

The tour is rounded of by the visit of historic city of Sibenik and its famous, 15th century, St. Jacob cathedral. All in all, make sure you bring the camera with you as this tour is filled with amazing sites you will want to capture and remember forever.

From Split To Krka NP
Visovac island, Krka national park
Krka National Park

Swim by the waterfalls! One of the most remarkable natural landmarks in Croatia is Skradinski buk, a waterfall system with travertine formations spreading over 800 meters in length ending in majestic cascading waterfalls. It is the top attraction of Krka National Park and we take you trough its many trails.

showering under Krka waterfall
Krka Tour Travel Guide

if you’re planning on visiting the park soon, you might want to direct your attention to us for a few minutes. Welcome to “Krka 101” – our how-to guide for doing the park right, coupled and with a tour that will have you hopping, skipping, and jumping for joy through one of Croatia’s most magical natural wonders.

Watermill near Krka waterfalls
From Split to Krka Waterfalls

Krka National Park is popular tour from Split for its vicinity, but more importantly for its astounding natural beauties and historical landmarks. Krka National Park is also special for the opportunity to swim inside protected area of the park in close vicinity of famous cascading waterfalls of Krka River

Plitvice Lakes National Park from Split

Plitvice Lakes National Park from Split is the tour to the oldest and the largest National Park in Croatia. With its 16 cascade lakes and and largest waterfall in Croatia, Plitvice Lakes National Park surely has a wide range of beauties to present to its visitors.

On this National Park tour you will walk the unforgettable wooden paths across many lakes and even go on a boat ride over the large Plitvice lakes after finally reaching the 78 meter high landmark waterfall.

As already mentioned you can even book the Plitvice National Park tour with one way transfer from Zagreb to Split or vice versa.

From Split to Plitvice
Plitvice National Park

The lakes are beautiful at every time of the year, but during the spring, summer and early autumn, the vegetation makes the place spectacular. Many people prefer to visit the park on a hot summer’s day to enjoy the cool breeze created by the splashing water. Unique formation of 16 interconnecting lakes of Plitvice national park is a must see.

Plitvice Tour Tavel Guide

While you might have guessed that Plitvice Lakes isn’t technically the 8th Wonder of the World, it could easily be in the running – and it’s not hard to see why. Thousands of tourists are driven to Croatia each year to see one of nature’s best miracles, and quite frankly, Plitvice has been turning heads since it became a national park in 1949

From Split to Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes National park is one of the most breathtaking natural areas in Croatia and one of the most popular national parks. While visiting Plitvice you will enjoy in the peaceful walks through nature, over the wooden trails, through the forest, by the lakes. You will enjoy in the panoramic boat ride and discover highest Croatian waterfall.

From Split to Paklenica National Park

Paklenica National Park

What to Expect
  • location of the highest peaks of Velebit mountain, Vaganski vrh (1757 m) i Sveto brdo (1753 m)
  • Paklenica canyons with 400 m. high cliffs
  • amazing hiking locations for nature lovers
  • paradise for mountain climbers
  • the park provides education trails, biking trails, hiking trails, caving, rock climbing, guided tours

Learn more about Paklenica National Park here

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From Split to North Velebit National Park

North Velebit National Park

What to Expect
  • “Luka pit”, one of the deepest pits in the entire World
  • natural botanical garden
  • true paradise for mountaineers
  • ancient Roman roads
  • walk the Premužić trail, built in 1933 revealing the majestic beauty of North Velebit (be mindful, it is 57 kilometres long, 16 kilometres through North Velebit)
  • the park provides education trails, biking trails, hiking trails, guided tours

Learn More About North Velebit National Park

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From Split to Risnjak National Park

Risnjak National Park

What to Expect
  • the park got the name after the lynx, its most famous inhabitant
  • dense forrest area with high mountain peaks
  • Leska education trail (4.2 km)
  • the source of river Kupa, the most beautiful Croatian river
  • diversity of native plants and wildlife
  • great for mountaineers and nature lovers
  • fly fishing in river Kupa
  • animal watching with park rangers
  • climbing Snježnik mountain with viewpoint at 1506 meters
  • the park also provides guided tours

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From Split to Brijuni National Park

Brijuni National Park

What to Expect
  • Island archipelago west of Istria
  • famous for its Mediterranean vegetation
  • Cultural heritage site with remains from Byzantine and Roman times
  • On the Veliki Brijun island you can find a real Safari Park
  • Enjoy on the most beautiful biking trail, BicikliRAJ biking trail
  • Ideal spot for diving and snorkeling. There are three famous diving lacalities
  • Hike three education trails to explore the islands
  • Unique guided tours to explore the national park
  • Visit Roman Villa from 1st century in Verige bay

Learn more about Brijuni National Park here

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From Split to Kornati National Park

The best way to get from Split to Kornati National Park is to get to Zadar by a highway and then take a ferry to the islands. The other popular way to reach Kornati National park is through excursions typically organized from Zadar or Šibenik.

Kornati National Park

What to Expect
  • The archipelago with around 140 islands, islets and rocks making it the most indented island chain in entire Mediterranean.
  • popular with sailing lovers
  • Kornati islands are known for their high cliffs and outer worldly reliefs
  • 330 kilometers of drywall across the islands testifies to the hard working people of the area
  • along the cliffs that cascade into the sea there are habitats of corals
    ideal for diving and snorkeling for its clear sea and abundance of sea life.
  • There are many ideal diving spots across the islands
  • a true paradise for hiking and mountain climbin
  • ancient Illiryan settlements on the islands
  • the park also provides two education trails

Learn more about Kornati National Park here

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From Split to Mljet National Park

Mljet National Park

What to Expect
  • Believed to be Ogigija from the Homer’s Odyssey, the home of nymph Calypso
  • Visit Odyssey’s cave, where he was held captive for 7 years
  • The island was inhabited by Illyrians over 4,000 years ago
  • National park is the home of the Great Lake and the Small Lake which are in fact two deep bays with narrow passage to the sea, thus being called lakes.
  • On the island of St Marry in the Large Lake, you will find the Benedictine monastery from 12th century.
  • You can take 9 bike trails across the island
  • There are 11 mountain trails to climb the highest peaks of the island
  • Take a boat ride to the island of St Marry
  • the national park also provides guided tours to fully experience the beauty of Mljet National Park

Learn more about Mljet National Park here

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