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    Blue Lagoon Private Tour

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    Blue Lagoon Croatia, view from the shore

    In case you haven’t heard, the Blue Lagoon is a vibrant Adriatic pool situated between the two Krknjaši islands and the island Drvenik. Conveniently located just 15 miles from Split and 7 miles from Trogir, the Blue Lagoon is ideal for a beach getaway thanks to its ultramarine underwater world, shallow and sandy swimming spots, and exclusivity. The best way to discover this coastal utopia is on a speedboat with us.

    Part of what makes the Blue Lagoon so special is that it is best reached by boat, allowing for only the most fortunate and privileged of guests – you know, the ones smart enough to summon a boat for a day to break away from the city crowds and noisy summer streets.

    However, this day away isn’t only limited to the Blue Lagoon. If you’re hoping to pack in even more, split the day and explore the town of Trogir and its charming cobblestone alleyways, 15th-century churches and ancient palaces.

    The advantage of joining our private tour is that you get to choose if Trogir makes the cut, or how much time you want to dedicate to the Blue Lagoon. You get to craft an itinerary catered to your needs, with some 5 hours of time to play with. Make the most of it with your loved ones and let our professional skipper answer all your questions and requests.

    Are you tempted to join our half-day private tour yet? Enjoy the magic of Croatia’s coast with us.

    Blue Lagoon Suggested Tour Map

    Infographic map of the Blue Lagoon tour from Split

    Blue Lagoon

    The Blue Lagoon is a multicolored Adriatic pool that glows in different shades of blue. Just why it is a cerulean paradise is thanks to its seafloor, which is composed of crushed seashells and white sand. Its crystalline sea presents the perfect platform for snorkelers, and we’ll even provide the snorkeling gear for you to encourage you to explore this vivid sea bottom yourselves. However, if you’d prefer to kick back in the shade under the pines or casually float around the lagoon, that’s fine too.

    This area is also a natural habitat for dolphins, meaning there is a good chance you’ll spot them on your journey. Keep your eyes peeled and cameras handy!

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    And if the beach is not your first choice? We’ll also take you to the UNESCO-protected town of Trogir, a quaint Dalmatian gem with a world of history and so much to offer. Trogir is one of the best-preserved romanesque-gothic cities in Europe and is situated on the islet between the island of Čiovo and the Croatian mainland. We suggest you stroll along Trogir’s waterfront promenade or relax at one of its many bustling restaurants to have lunch. You’ll have time to visit Kamerlengo castle which was built in the 15th century and today it serves as the stage for various performances in the summer. Another historic 15th-century building is the St. Mark’s Fortress, which was constructed to defend the town from Turkish invaders.

    In Trogir’s main square you’ll find the St. Lawrence Cathedral and the iconic clock tower. The St. Lawrence Cathedral was built in the 13th century, though the construction lasted for almost 300 years! After a bit more wandering around you’ll meet the two Ćipiko palaces, one big and one small, which are a mix of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance styles. You can gawk at the Trogir city gates, which were built in the 17th century, or admire the walls which are a product of the 15th century. One of Trogir’s most famous monuments is the Monastery and the church of St. Dominic. It’s also interesting to note that the Monastery was destroyed in the bombing in 1944, but was rebuilt years later in its original form.

    And better yet, if traveling with a loved one, you’ll be happy to find that the town even boasts a ‘Tree of Love’. Thanks to its discrete location in the shade, couples flock here for privacy. Legend even has it that a kiss under the tree grants a lifetime of love!

    Create your itinerary

    There are several benefits to booking a private tour, but perhaps best of all is the fact that you get the final say. From flexibility to options and the chance to create a day tailored to your timing and needs, this tour is all about you – your guests, your destinations, your activities, and your schedule. We promise to do our part in making your dream holiday a reality and will gift you the best skipper out there. But that’s not all.

    Islands Near Split

    Another advantage of going private is that you can alter the itinerary we provide and make it personalized to your liking. Thus, you can visit places that are not on our regular route. Like Šolta island, for example, which is along the way. So, if you decide to dip your toes into Šolta, too, we’ll lead the way.

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    Šolta Island

    The island of Šolta is located only 9 miles from Split and is known as the island of olive and honey. Famous for its local production of high-quality olive oil, the island even produces oil that has been named among the best in the world. But that’s just part of it.

    Šolta is also known for Olintio honey, which is made of wild rosemary, and it is a haven for those who love wine, as the Dobrinčić grape is native to the area. As you might have assumed, it’s not a trip to Šolta unless you try all three.

    Šolta is glittered with pebble beaches bordered by pine forest, bright blue bays, and breathtaking architecture from baroque castles to the remains of Roman buildings and churches.

    Like the Blue Lagoon, Šolta is a painless escape from the city crowds; an island that switches on relaxation mode.

    On this tour, we suggest you dress casually and wear clothes that breathe. Water/windproof jackets will be provided on the speedboat, though we do recommend you bring waterproof sun cream, a camera, and comfortable shoes. And don’t be silly – make sure not to forget your swimsuit and towel!

    If you’re looking to explore Dalmatia’s best islands, vibrant lagoons, and some of the most authentic and ancient towns on our coast, all while delighting in a bit of swimming and snorkeling, look no further. Let us guide you on the adventure of a lifetime.