National Park Tours From Split

If you think that Croatia is only about the sun and the sea and that you can’t find an experience in untouched nature, think again. Croatia is the Promised Land of some of the most beautiful national parks in this part of Europe, if not the world. Fortunately for you, Split Day Trips offers a variety of tours to show you the national parks like no one else.

Croatia’s national parks are spectacular sanctuaries that should be explored by everyone. They are loaded with some of the most breathtaking landscapes you will ever see – from gigantic waterfalls to a myriad of lakes, flawless forests and many historical and cultural treasures that narrate Croatia’s story. We’re confident you’ve crossed paths with pictures of Plitvice Lakes and wondered where you could find this park paradise. Fortunately, Croatia is your answer, and you have the chance to discover it in all of its glory.

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We will take you deep into Croatia’s famed national parks and ensure you get an authentic experience by choosing one of our established day trips. Our exclusive tours explore the gems of Croatia’s top national parks, which are known to be a bucket list item of visitors around the world.

Choose from our varied collection of national park tours that feature guided small group tours or affordable adventures, which promise plenty of free time for you to discover the park on your own.

Plitvice National Park


Plitvice Lakes National park is one of the most breathtaking natural areas in Croatia and one of the most popular national parks. While visiting Plitvice you will enjoy in the peaceful walks through nature, over the wooden trails, through the forest, by the lakes. You will enjoy in the panoramic boat ride and discover highest Croatian waterfall.

Krka National Park


Krka National Park is popular tour from Split for its vicinity, but more importantly for its astounding natural beauties and historical landmarks. Krka National Park is also special for the opportunity to swim inside protected area of the park in close vicinity of famous cascading waterfalls of Krka River


It’s entirely up to you. Accompanied by our experienced and friendly guide, you will explore the secret gems of Croatia’s national parks while absorbing the cultural and historical knowledge of the area. If you want to adjust your time inside the park to favor a little more “you time”, one of our Economy tours is the best option to feed your adventurous spirit.

Explore the National Park in many ways

There is a world of options offered to you once you’ve made your way inside the park. From scenic boat and train rides to hiking, swimming under waterfalls, and cheese and wine tastings – you’ll find it hard to choose just one. But don’t fret – there is plenty of time to select the best day trip for you.

A Wide range of vehicles

Van? Minibus? Bus? We have it all. Our selection of luxury, air-conditioned vehicles is driven by professional drivers, guaranteeing the ultimate travel experience. Not only are our vehicles comfortable, but they are fully equipped with free Wi-Fi, TVs, USB ports, leather seats, and large windows to ensure that you’re not only safe, but have everything you need on your way to paradise.

Our Economy tours are the best option for travelers looking to explore the park on their own, for cheap!

We’ll introduce you to the hidden gems and show you the best of Croatia’s national parks thanks to our first-hand experience.

Do you want to walk the wooden paths of a UNESCO protected site or experience swimming under the biggest travertine waterfall in Europe?

Tour Croatia’s national parks with Split Day Trips and gear up for an unforgettable experience in nature. With guaranteed departures every day, we’ll make sure you see the best Croatia has to offer.

Plitvice Tour Guide 2019


If you ever get the chance to experience the 8th Wonder of the World, which we consider to be Plitvice Lakes National Park, don’t think twice

Krka Tour Guide 2019


You either know it as one of Croatia’s national parks, or you’ve seen photos of its famous waterfalls posted on the pages of social networks. Either way, Krka is one Croatian destination you can’t miss.