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Tours from Split to Plitvice Lakes

Thousands of tourists are driven to Croatia each year to see one of nature’s best miracles – Plitvice Lakes. And quite frankly, this famous park has been turning heads since it was named a national park in 1949. The park’s popularity certainly grew when it was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979, and in 2018, more than a million curious travelers flocked to Plitvice to experience its 16 cascading lakes.

What makes Plitvice so unique is that these interconnected lakes follow the flow of water. Separated by travertine barriers, the lakes change color thanks to the minerals or organisms present or the angle of the sun. The park also boasts the Great Waterfall, which gushes from a height of 78 meters to make it the tallest waterfall in the entire country. Pretty cool, right?

However, unlike its waterfall friend Krka National Park, swimming is forbidden at Plitvice Lakes National Park. But we’d hope this minor detail doesn’t stop you from experiencing Croatia’s closest contestant to the 8th Wonder of the World.

Tours to Plitvice

Plitvice Lakes isn’t that hard to get to, either. Located about 250 kilometers north of Split, driving times to Plitvice can range between 3 to 4 hours. However, you’ll need to set aside a full day if you’re looking to do a tour of this park from Split (12 hours).

Photos from the Plitvice National Park Tour

Prepare for the Plitvice Tour

If you choose to leap to Plitvice, there are some necessary items you should bring. Namely, a very comfortable pair of shoes to guide you across the park’s wooden paths will be essential. You’ll also want to dress appropriately for the weather and be sure to have hats, sunglasses, and SPF in hand since the summer months could see a brutally strong sun. Keeping hydrated on your journey is the only way you’ll have the energy to carry on, so ensuring you have enough water and snacks to get you through the day will be key.

And of course, perhaps most important of them all in this day and age –  a camera, whether it be on your smartphone or a professional one. An external battery pack is always welcome.

When to Visit Plitvice Lakes

While we like to think Plitvice Lakes is beautiful any time of the year, the best time to visit is entirely up to preference. If you’d like to avoid the crowds and the heat, then the summer is not the time you’ll want to visit Plitvice. You should also keep in mind that the summer is the busiest time at Plitvice and can see around 11,000 visitors a day!

The spring and autumn are lovely times to visit as the crowds will be lighter and the weather mild. In the spring, the flowers bloom, and in the autumn, the leaves change colors. The winter will see Plitvice covered in snow, with frosted waterfalls transforming the park into a winter wonderland. However, the upper parts of Plitvice Lakes are typically closed to the public.

Plitvice Tour Map

Attractions you will visit on the Plitvice Lakes Tour

Upper Lakes

The Upper Lakes is made up of 12 lakes. It all begins with Prošćansko Lake, which sits at the highest altitude, and ends at Lake Kozjak which boasts the lowest. This part of the park features Prošćansko Lake, Okrugljak Lake and Labudovac Fall, which is formed by the flow of Ciginovac Lake when it streams into Okrugljak. Then onto Veliko, Malo, Vir, and Batinovac, which are all connected to Galovac. Milino, Gradinsko, and Burgeti come next, which are connected to Lake Kozjak, the lowest lake of the upper section and the largest and deepest lake in the entire Plitvice system.

Lower Lakes

Though there are fewer lakes in the lower section of the park, their size and power surely make up for it. First up is Lake Milanovac, followed by Lake Gavanovac, one of the smallest lakes in the entire Plitvice system, which is connected with Lake Milanovac by the Milka Trnina waterfall. Kaluderovac, one of the largest lakes in the system, follows after. The last lake in the Plitvice system is Novakovica Brod which, along with the Plitvice Stream, creates the biggest attraction of the entire park – the Great Waterfall. The Great Waterfall gushes from a height of 78 meters, making it the tallest waterfall in Croatia.

Get to Know Plitvice

Plitvice National Park

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