Split Croatia Beaches – Insiders Selection of Top Beaches in Split

Split Croatia Beaches – Insiders Selection of Top Beaches in Split

Why are Split Croatia beaches becoming increasingly popular? Over the past couple of years city of Split has become one of the top travel destinations in Croatia. The tourists who visit Split now decide to stay in Split for extended number of days while, only a couple of years ago, Split was a transfer point to other island and coastal destinations and guests stayed in Split for only one or two days tops.

This increase in overnights of guests has led to Split’s rapid expansion in all hospitality amenities and services in the city. You can now find numerous bars and nightclubs, beautiful clean and maintained beaches, sport activities, excursions, day trips and different manifestations and events being held through entire tourist season.

One of the biggest changes Split has witnessed over these past couple of years is increased quality of beaches and its amenities, cleanliness of the sea and the beach maintenance.

Now, while spending your vacation in Split, you can choose between many different breathtaking beaches, each with its own special trait, each offering different attributes which attract different types of travelers.

This is an insider selection of top Split Croatia beaches with all the attractions and different traits they provide.

You can choose the beach closest to your stay or you can choose the beach which best suits your particular desires and character.

Split City Beaches

There are three top city beaches in Split and they are all located next to each other so you can check them all out on an easy walk on a promenade by the sea. If you are not in the mood for walking here is the breakdown of each Split city beach.

Bacvice beach

Bacvice beach is definitively the most famous beach in Split. This is mainly due to the sheer size of the beach but most importantly because it is a sandy beach inside and outside of the sea. Even more, there is a wast area of shallow sea expanding over fifty meters out. This unique trait of the beach gave birth to the indigenous sport in Split called picigin. You can see people playing picigin on Bacvice beach throughout the year, even in winter, even when it snows.

This shallow sea and sandy sea bottom of Bacvice beach is perfect for children of all ages. They can run around in shallow water, play with ball, make sea castles and forts or learn to swim for the first time. Bacvice beach is ideal place to bring kids who have a fear of sea as they will quickly relax and fall in love with this landmark of Split. Unfortunately, besides a small “water park” suitable for older kids there are no children playing amenities on the site. One can argue that with all the sand kids have at their disposal, playground is everywhere.

You can look at Bacvice beach in 3 sections. The middle one, sandy beach, is ideal for families with children. When looking at the sea from the main sandy beach, on the right side there is a concrete plateau. This is where you can find a bar and an open gym where sportsmen can do pullups, dips and other street workout. This area is usually reserved for sportsmen and teenagers who enjoy jumping into sea from the plateau.

On the left side, when looking from the main beach, there is also a concrete plateau but this one is filled with bars and nightclubs (very popular summer spot for nightclubbing). This is where you can sit down by the sea, enjoy in the refreshing drink and jump into the sea whenever you feel like it.

Beach trait: sandy beach, sandy sea bottom, vast shallow area
Suitable for: families with children, teenagers, adults, elders

How to get to Bacvice beach

Bačvice beach bacvicebeachinsplit-playingpicigingame Bačvice

City of Split * Bačvice beach (2) Bacvice

Bacvice , Split

Ovcice beach

Ovcice beach is located right next to Bacvice in the adjacent bay. Ovcice is a pebble beach with parts of sea covered in sand and parts in sea grass. Even though Ovcice beach is not shallow as Bacvice it is still a favourite place for families to come with their kids. In the middle of Ovcice beach there is a pier belonging to Ovcice restaurant. This pier is filled with tables and umbrellas where you can sit down, enjoy the drink, end relax with the unprecedented view of Split islands. It is a special feeling to drink you morning coffee on the pier, in the swimm suit, and jump from the pier into the sea whenever you will like it. The Ovcice restaurant also provides food which can come in handy if you decide to extend your stay at the beach and have lunch there.

Beach trait: pebble beach, parts of sandy sea bottom, pier with the bar Suitable for: families with children, teenagers, adults, elders

How to Get to Ovcice beach

bay next to Bacvice beach easily accessible on foot from city center taxi service


Aerial view of Ovcice beach in Split, Croatia The yellow and red shirt

Ovcice Beach

Firule beach

Firule beach is adjacent bay of Ovcice. Right around the corner, walking east from Ovcice, you will find what it looks like small Bacvice beach. It is also a sandy beach with sandy sea bottom only the shallow area is much smaller. There is a pier at the end of the beach suitable for teenagers who enjoy jumping into sea in all styles imaginable. At the far corner of the beach there is a bar where you can sit down by the sea, enjoying the refreshment and the view of the islands. For the people who like playing tennis, just over Firule beach are famous Firule courts where you can rent a court, tennis equipment and enjoy in the game of tennis. Firule is the place where legendary Croatian tenis players Nikola Pilic, Željko Franulović, Goran Ivanisevic and Mario Ancic started their rich tennis careers.

Beach trait: sandy beach, sandy sea bottom Suitable for: families with children, teenagers, adults, elders

How to get to Firule beach

bay adjacent to Ovcice beach city bus, short walk required (view the bus lines here) taxi service

Plaza Firule

firule beach firule

Firule Beach with a view to Marina Zenta in Split, Croatia

Beaches in Park Forrest Marjan

Beaches in Park Forrest Marjan are special as they are set inside the protected area of Marjan forest. There are distinct differences between beaches located on the North side of Marjan hill from those located on its South side, overlooking Split islands.

North side of Marjan (facing mountains and mainland)

The main distinction between beaches on the North side of Marjan hill and all other beaches in Split is that you have to come there by foot because driving a car on Marjan’s North side is forbidden. This usually means that the beaches are not usually crowded. That and the fact that the entire side of the hill is deeply in shade beneath the pine trees. When you walk the North side of Marjan hill you can stop to swim anywhere you like providing you don’t mind entering the sea from the rocky shore. You can find places where you can be alone, enjoy the sounds of the park forest and relax with the beautiful view on the bay. Even though you can stop for a swimming anywhere you like on Marjan hill, there are still three beaches worth mentioning.


Prva voda

When you walk from the “Gates of Marjan” (entrance to the Marjan Park forest) exactly after 500 meters, just as you clear marina Spinut you will see a pebble beach with a shower. Since you can get by car to the marina, there are usually more people on this Marjan beach than the others.

Beach trait: pebble beach, natural shade Suitable for: families with children, teenagers, adults, elders

How to get to “Prva Voda” beach

  • 500 meters from north entrance to Marjan park
  • Bus line 17, short walk from Student center to the beach
  • taxi service


[ess_grid alias=”voda”]


Split beach Bene at Park Hill Marjan After a kilometer and a half of walking from Marjan gates, either by forest trail or by the road shaded by pine trees you will reach Bene, its children playground, large restaurant and a beach. Deep in the shades, with entrance area of shallow sea and sandy bottom, Bene beach is ideal to relax in the sounds on nature and refresh in the sea. There is a big area for children to play with many different amenities. There is even a soccer court on artificial grass and three tennis courts. The restaurant provides refreshment and different foods you can try overlooking the bay.

Beach trait: concrete beach, rocks, partially sandy sea bottom Suitable for: families with children, teenagers, adults, elders

How to get to Bene beach on Marjan

  • 1.5 kilometers to the North entrance to Park Marjan
  • bus line 12

[ess_grid alias=”bene”]


At the far point of of Marjan hill North side you will find the Institut beach overlooking Ciovo Peninsula and town Trogir in the distance. When you reach the far point you will have to go down a set of stairs to reach the beach. There is a series of small pebble beaches where you can find place to sit back and relax.

Beach trait: pebble beach, rocks Suitable for: families with children, teenagers, adults

Hot to get to Institut

  • bus line 12
  • 2.5 kilometers from North entrance to Marjan
  • 500 meters from the ramp on the south side of Park forest Marjan (accesible by car or taxi)



slika470 slika421

South side of Marjan (facing Split islands)

South side of Marjan hill is accessible by a car so there are usually more people on the beaches there than there are at the North side of Marjan. Nevertheless there are some beautiful beaches here worth visiting.


Park Zvoncac is a favorite place for locals to bring children as there is a small children playground in its middle surrounded by nice green grass suitable for playing all kinds of games.

By the sea, you will find a small marina and a large swimming pool where swimmers and water polo players of Jadran club are doing their practice. As you enter a swimming pool complex you will find an entrance to the beach. There is a small fee to enter the beach area (around 10 Kn) which is basically a concrete plateau with a restaurant at its end. It is favorite place for older children and teenagers to jump from the plateau into the sea. This is usually the place where locals come to jump and refresh in the sea.

Beach trait: concrete plateau
Suitable for: teenagers, adults

How to get to Zvoncac beach

  • walk down the west coast promenade from city center to Zvoncac
  • bus line 12 and 21 (view the bus lines here)
  • easily accessible by car and taxi

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Jezinac is the next beach walking West from Zvoncac park by a pleasant walk seaside. It is also a favourite place for locals and youngsters as they daringly jump into the sea from the wall of Jezinac and the top of the tunnel nearby. There are some crazy stunts being done here everyday and if you are up for some high altitude sea jumping this is the place for you.

Beach trait: concrete plateau, walls to jump from
Suitable for: teenagers, adults, elders

How to get to Jezinac beach

Jezinac Canon . . .

IMG_1693 Jezinac Beach Split Dalmatia Croatia

Kastelet beach

Kastelet is probably the most popular beach on this side of Marjan hill. There is a vast plateau suitable for car parking and during the summer season it is usually full. Kastelet consists of two bays with pebble beaches. There is also a bar at the top of the pier dividing the two beaches and a bar at the base of the bigger beach. This beach is proffered by locals as they can enjoy in the sea, drink coffee in the bar, and simply relax. There is also a sea water polo course placed inside the bay so if you bring a water polo ball you can shoot the goal.

Beach trait: fine pebble beach, pebble sea bottom Suitable for: families with children, teenagers, adults, elders

How to get to Kastelet beach

  • bus line 12
  • car or taxi

obojena (3) obojena


Kasjuni beach

Kasjuni is probably the most beautiful bay and the beach on Marjan hill. Leading to it is a large downhill road which, if you come there by foot, can be a challenge to walk back. Luckily, this year with the opening of a new bar on the beach the bar owners have arranged a boat tour from Split promenade all the way to the beach. If you want to take a panoramic boat ride come by our stand at Matejuska as this is where the boat trip starts. The boat departs every sixty minutes from 09:30 AM till 09 PM and the ticket price is 35 Kunas. This newly renovated beach and its bar called Joe’s Bar have already become one of the most favorite spots to sit down and relax by the sea. You can lay down on the comfortable deck chairs by the sea, order a massage, refresh with a cocktail and even order food. The pier on the beach is protecting the bay from Southern winds making the sea at the beach usually very calm. You have enough room to place your beach towel on the beach as there is usually plenty of space. If you walk west from the beach you will find rock formations where you can find solitude overlooking this beautiful bay.

Beach trait: fine pebble beach, pebble sea bottom Suitable for: families with children, teenagers, adults, elders

How to get to Kasjuni beach

bus line 12 car or taxi service

Kasuni Beach turquoise splendor - Split, Croatia

Kasjuni Strand - Split - Kroatien

Beaches on Znjan Plateau

Znjan plateau has been most rapidly developed over the past couple of years and its popularity has grown in the same pace. It is a vast area dominated by beaches, bars, nightclubs and huge areas designated for children. This is children’s paradise as each bar has air castles, trampolines, swings and all kinds of fun stuff for children to enjoy in. Needles to say, this is the most popular area for families with children. Adults can relax in the bar while children spend hours playing around. There are numerous beaches on the Znjan plateu and most of them are pebble. You will have to cruise around as some beaches have more nicer pebble stones than others. You can find plenty of shade in the bars of Znjan but the beaches themselves lack in natural or artificial shade so make sure to bring suncream and a hat.

Beach trait: pebble beaches Suitable for: families with children, teenagers, adults, elders

How to get to Znjan beaches

bus lines 14 & 15 (view bus lines here) car or taxi service

Žnjan - Split II

Split ; Žnjan


When to go swimming on Split Beaches

It is important to note, if you are planning to enjoy in the beaches and the sea of Split to try and go there in the morning. Is it the wind, sea currents or the position of the sun but the sea in Split is much clearer and transparent in the morning than it is in the afternoon. Even though refreshment in the sea is always welcomed, there is something about the color of the morning sea that adds another dimension to your relaxation and summer joy.

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