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Fishing Tour from Split

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Fishing Tour from Split

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Join a lifelong fisherman on his daily trip to capture the best currents teeming with fish. If you’ve never held a fishing rod in your hand, allow your guide to teach you everything you need to know, or should you have previous fishing experience, let him guide you to hidden coves brimming with fish. Round up your day at a local restaurant who will prepare your personal catch of the day.

Boat capacity: max 5
Duration: approx 10 hours

The Places You’ll Go!

Split’s islands, depending on wind sea currents

Tour Highlights

Experience the original fishing heritage of Dalmatia
Take tips from an experienced angler to learn (more) about fishing
Explore the Adriatic’s fishing hot-spots
Find out what sorts of fish are the most common in the Adriatic
Have your catch grilled afterwards


07:00 Departure from the meeting point

08:45 Arrival at the prime fishing spots

11:00 Swimming break

13:30 Lunch at a local restaurant

17:00 Arrival in Split

What you will experience

Whether you’re an aspiring fisherman or a lifelong angler, take advantage of being in Dalmatia and explore with us the true nature of the Adriatic sea and its plentiful marine life.

Fishing Experience

Set out on a boat approximately at 7 a.m. for a wonderful adventure, passing by numerous islands and coves, offering you the opportunity to become a very skilful fisherman. Find everything you need for a successful fishing trip already on board. Take advantage of your guide’s experience to learn as much as you want. When you get tired and decide to take a break, swim a little and then maybe try again. Talk to your guide about the fishing tradition in Croatia and hear fascinating stories.

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Lunch in a local restaurant

Take everything you catch to a local restaurant, whose head chef will prepare it for you, so you can enjoy the fruits of your day’s work. You will have the possibility to accompany the catch with a suitable wine and thus experience an important part of Dalmatia’s heritage. Allow your waiter to propose the perfect wine to complement your fish.

If this tour seems challenging for you, rest assured. You don’t need any previous fishing experience because our guide will walk you through all the techniques.

Ticket Info

Tour price: € 560

Max 5 people on the tour

Included in Price

Skipper, VAT, fuel and fishing equipment, the fish you catch for lunch

Useful Tips before Tour

  • In order to make your trip as comfortable as possible, please remember to bring sun cream, as well as refreshments
  • Bring your camera with you to take a lifelong memory of this trip!
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Departure time can vary according to your preferences or suggestions
  • If you catch very small fish please let it loose, so it can become a big one by the time you come back again
  • Fishing is a form of art, so try to keep your focus and don’t lose patience!
  • When underwater, try to learn the patterns of fish movement
  • You will learn to anticipate their next move in order to be able to spear them!

Meeting Point and Arrival Info

Office address: Dosud ulica 4
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Arriving by car

July and August can get very busy, so we recommend you get clear instructions about available parking
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Arriving by bus

Buses that stop at Tržnica (green market) near our office
2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 18 and 60
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€ 560