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Explore Hvar Island – Stunningly Beautiful and Highly Diverse

Often referred to as the jewel in the crown of the Dalmatian Coast and compared to the iconic Cote d’Azur, Hvar Island is quickly becoming one of the top holiday destinations in Europe. In close proximity to Split, it is a place of great diversity. You can relax on a secluded beach, walk for hours along the lavender fields, explore historic sites and have an unforgettable party at one of the clubs in the Town of Hvar, which shares its name with the island. There is literally something for everyone. Add the warm and dry climate with plenty of sunshine to the equation and you have everything necessary for your dream trip.

Popular Destinations and Their Key Attractions

Hvar Island is long and its western part is dotted with resort towns. Each one has its unique history and charm and a fair share of gorgeous beaches with calm blue water and historic attractions. It’s worth exploring the most visited towns individually to create your itinerary.
Hvar is the major port and resort town on the island. It is also the center of the summer nightlife on the island with the most popular bars and clubs being dotted along Hula Hula Beach. If you want to sunbathe on a more secluded beach, you may want to take a few-minute long trip to the Pakleni Islands, an 16 islands archipelago stretching right from the port of Hvar.

The Spanjola Fortress is the most popular attraction not only in the town, but on the whole island. Built in the 16th century, it has impressive construction and military history and offers breathtaking views of the town, harbor and nearby islands. St. Stephen’s Cathedral in the heart of the town boasts with spending baroque architecture, while the waterfront monastery founded by Franciscan monks is home to various works of religious art.

Stari Grad, literally meaning Old Town, is one of the oldest settlements in Europe and has various historic attractions, with perhaps the most famous one being Tvrdalj Castle, an excellently preserved Renaissance building. Walk along the dwindling streets dotted with stone buildings to experience the mesmerizing atmosphere of this place. If you want to get moving, explore the agricultural fields of Stari Grad Plain riding a bike. They were created in the 4th century BC by the Ancient Greeks who colonized the island and are currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Jesla is another popular tourist town on Hvar Island known primarily for its harbor and promenade offering beautiful views. The sandy Mina Beach is in close proximity. If you love spending lots of time sunbathing and enjoying the sea breeze, you may want to check out the beaches around the Town of Milna too. The town is one of the most tranquil places on the island, while offering diverse cuisine and a good number of shops. Dubovica Beach is a bit further away, but it is also worth visiting, preferably for a whole day for achieving complete relaxation.

Settlements on island Hvar and where do you want to go?

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    As well as being the sunniest destination in Croatia, Hvar is also known as the “island of wine”. When we take you to one of our tours, you will find out how perfect natural conditions allow wine makers to produce world-class wines.

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    Things to Do on Hvar Island

    Swimming, kayaking and canoeing are among the favorite activities of holidaymakers. You can also go on a boat tour exploring parts of the island and/or the surrounding islands. If you don’t feel like walking, you can explore the town you are in and the local area by bike or scooter. The more adventurous tourists can try scuba diving off the coast of Cape Pelegrin or Pakleni Islands to explore the diverse marine life and even sky diving for a truly breathtaking experience.

    Locals have been making wine for centuries and you will have the opportunity to sample it at any local restaurant or winery. There are also special tours for the avid wine lovers. If you like long walks and taking beautiful pictures and want to see a different one from the beach landscape, you can explore the famous lavender fields of Hvar Island.

    The Best Time to Visit

    You can expect lots of sunshine and little or no rainfall in the period from June to September, which is the peak holiday season. In addition to the major attractions and the pristine beaches, there are plenty of cultural and art events during this time of the year. When planning your trip, don’t forget to check for upcoming festivals, concerts, theater performances and art exhibitions. They will make your stay on Hvar Island even more exciting and memorable.

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