Boat tours from Split

No matter where you live, the sea has a way of reeling you in. Not only is it a mysterious, inviting, cerulean paradise, but it a blank canvas to paint your adventures and a world of wonder. Since it’s safe to assume you won’t have a private boat at your disposal on your trip to Croatia, there is no reason to worry, because we do. Let us share our passion for the sea with you.

Jump onboard with us to discover some of the most breathtaking islands and bays around Split, or any other coastal gems you fancy. And better yet? You’ll be in the company of a small group of fellow adventurers and an expert crew that knows the cracks and crevices of Croatia’s coast – from every secluded bay to pebble beaches and coastal villages.

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Untouched, undiscovered, and unforgettable

Beneath the colossal Dinaric Alps, the stunning coastline of the Dalmatian region is sprinkled with thousands of lush islands, white pebble beaches, hidden coves and charming coastal towns dressed in stone.

Croatia’s cliffs, tempting beaches, and vibrant cultural history are wrapped up into the perfect paradise. Sail with us along the Dalmatian coast and explore this unchartered territory before everyone else.

Ready to explore the unexplored?

There are more than a thousand islands along Croatia’s coast. Some are uninhabited, some host a single lighthouse post, and others glitter with charming towns and villages that radiate centuries of history and culture. All, however, are unique in their way. We will take you to the best of what Dalmatia has to offer, only to make you wish you could see it all.

Our most popular boat tour from Split includes a trip to the breathtaking Blue Cave, located just off the island of Vis, with a swim at the most beautiful beach in Europe before visiting a favorite of yachters and celebrities – Hvar town. Packed with glitz and glamour, from swanky beach clubs to top restaurants, and buzzing nightlife, Hvar will have you yearning for more.

But if you have only a half day to spare, don’t fret: our tour of the Blue Lagoon and Trogir is the best choice for you. This lagoon, which shifts colors patterns from ultramarine to bright turquoise, is a dream for lovers of the sea. The majority of the island is uninhabited, offering peaceful swimming spots which give you a glimpse into the effortless lives of the locals. When you arrive in Trogir, you’ll be in awe of the medieval and renaissance architecture, churches and squares that are perfectly picturesque.

While sunsets are beautiful everywhere, there is something even more magical about watching the sun sink into the sea while you’re sailing. The sky lights up in a palette of vibrant colors, and as the wind brushes your face and you inhale the salty air, you’re no longer only watching the sunset – you’re feeling it. Our half-day sail is something you won’t want to miss!

Split Day Trips offers daily departures from the city center. Jump on board, sit back, enjoy the captivating blue waters and soak up the Croatian sun while our crew sails you to paradise.

Sail away from the city crowds

It’s no wonder why boat tours are the most popular summer activity in Split. Just think – an adrenaline boat ride packed with swimming, snorkeling, sightseeing, and discovering new destinations – and you can do it all in one day! We want you to delve into the best that Croatia has to offer and to discover it away from the busy summer crowds. Revel in our picturesque coastline, swim and snorkel in our deep blue sea, or watch the sunset over the islands while delighting in a glass of crisp Croatian wine. Spend quality time with friends, or relish the romance of a sunset cruise – either way, it is a foolproof way to maximize the relaxation on your summer holiday.

Have you heard only the best about our destinations and want to visit them all, but are worried you won’t have enough time? Don’t fret – our full day boat tours from Split are the best option to get the most out of your Croatian holiday.

Rub that sunscreen in, throw on a smile, and check an island-hopping adventure off your bucket list. Enjoy the day out on the shimmering blue waters of the Adriatic. Swim, snorkel or sit back and enjoy the beautiful views as the boat leisurely sails you to our Mediterranean wonderland. We believe that the smaller the group, the better to ensure you receive the attention and service you deserve. While space could be tight on the boat, the friendships will only get tighter, so be prepared to make new friendships that could last a lifetime.

Do you want a tour all to yourself? Choosing one of our Private tours will best suit your wishes. By going private, you’ll have the boat and the sea to yourself – and you’ll get to adapt the schedule to your liking. Having a private boat has more than a few perks, and gives you the option to explore areas you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Drop down your anchor in a hidden cove, dive headfirst into the Adriatic, and swim to an empty beach. The sea is your oyster.

Set sail on the Adriatic with us under the bright summer sun. It is your chance to explore Dalmatia’s charming towns, glistening bays, and rocky coastline. A boat tour by Split Day Trips will give you a holiday you’ll remember for a lifetime.