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    Hiking and Dining Tour from Split

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    ~ tour information ~

    On our hiking tour from Split we take you out on a hiking day in nature, through the shade of the lush green forest all the way to the famous mountain top, for an unprecedented view of the region. The tour includes a true gastronomy delight revealing to you the traditional cuisine of Dalmatian region.

    Duration: approx 5h and 30 min

    The Places You’ll Go!

    Cetina canyon, Truša village, Stomorica (mountain top), church Lady of the Snow

    Tour Highlights

    Beautiful hiking through the nature trail shaded by forest
    Panoramic view on Cetina canyon
    Discover 9th century Dalmatian church on mountain top
    Unprecedented scenic view of the region from the mountain
    Gastronomic delight in traditional Dalmatian tavern


    15:45 Departure from Split

    16:10 Stop for panoramic view of Cetina Canyon

    16:30 Arrival at hiking start location

    16:30-18:30 Hiking tour

    18:30-20:30 Dinner in old Dalmatian tavern

    20:30-21:15 Arrival to Split

    What you will experience

    You tour begins in the city of Split from where we will take you to town Omis, some 35 minutes away, where we will follow the Cetina canyon and head some 15 kilometers towards the village called Truša. Along the way, some 10 minutes away from Omiš, we will stop shortly on the perfect spot to take some breathtaking panoramic photos of Cetina canyon and the nature surrounding you. So make sure to have your camera handy.

    As we arrive at the old Dalmatian village Truše we will start our hiking tour. The great thing about this hike, besides the unparalleled scenery around you, is that the majority of the way you are hiking in the shades of the lush green forest. This is why our hiking tour is perfect outdoor hike during summer months.

    9th Century Church, Mountain top

    Our hike takes us some four hundred meters above sea level, all the way to the mountain top, where you will discover the old Croatian church which dates back to 9th century. The church is called The Lady of the Snow as people named it after the stories from locals who witnessed the snow on the mountain in beginning of August.

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    From here, on one side you will have a clear view on all the islands surrounding the regions as well as all the beaches, towns and villages of the Riviera. On the other side you will have a clear view of the Dalmatian hinterland and small villages nestled in its valleys.

    Dalmatian Hinterland

    This is the perfect place to sit down, soak in the scenery and enjoy in the nature surrounding you.

    Besides the church on the top of the mountain, you will also come across the stone tablets from the tombs. These tombs on the top of the mountain also date back to 9th century and represent the rich cultural heritage of Croatia.

    After approximately 2 hours of hiking through mountain trails we return to the village Truša for some well-earned rest and an absolute gastronomic delight, traditional Dalmatian cuisine.

    Food “Under the Bell”

    We will take you to our famous chef’s tavern, made out of stone blocks, traditional for the old architecture of the region, where you will indulge in the magical scent of the food being prepared on an open fireplace. Fireplace is the heart of any old Dalmatian tavern and food prepared in the fireplace called Peka (under the bell) is definitively a culinary delight you should not miss while on your Dalmatian vacation.

    While you wait for Peka to be done you will be served a plate of prosciutto, cheese, olives and other seasonal Dalmatian foods coupled with the glass of locally made wine. You should also taste traditional meal called Soparnik which is a true “Croatian brand” as this meal originated from Poljica region, the same region where you will have your authentic Dalmatian dinner.

    After we had finished with dinner it is time to say goodbye to our host and head back to Split ending our hiking and gastronomy tour with full bellies and happy thoughts.

    Ticket Info

    Tour ticket: € 60

    For group price, please contact us.

    Included in Price

    transfer from/to Split, dinner (three courses and one drink), insurance and guide assistance

    Useful Tips before Tour

    • Have a bottle of water handy for the hike
    • Wear comfortable hiking shoes
    • To capture all the scenery and panoramic views make sure to bring your camera

    Meeting Point and Arrival Info

    Office address: Obala Ante Trumbića 16
    get the directions

    Arriving by car

    July and August can get very busy, so we recommend you get clear instructions about available parking
    view nearby parking map

    Arriving by bus

    Buses that stop at Tržnica (green market) near our office
    2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 18 and 60
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    € 60