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    Hvar, Blue Lagoon & Trogir – Private Tour

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    Private Tour to Hvar, Blue Lagoon & Trogir

    If you’re trying to pack in the best bits of Croatia without feeling like there is never enough time, you might want to hear us out. Not only can we turn your dreams into reality, but our private tour of Hvar, the Blue Lagoon and Trogir combines Dalmatia’s gems on a one-day adventure crafted by you. Our private tours are a foolproof way to experience Croatia’s coast under your terms, as you have free rein to spice up the itinerary we’ve offered and tailor it to your wishes. Whether this means skipping some locations or choosing to spend more time on others, you are behind the wheel. You can even suggest places that aren’t offered in our itinerary but can be included along the way!

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    What to see in Hvar?

    On this full-day speedboat tour, you’ll become acquainted with the most beautiful parts of Croatia’s coast. First up is the island of Hvar, where you’ll have 2 hours to explore this magical island town.

    If you’ve heard a thing or two about Hvar, we’re not surprised. Perhaps one of Croatia’s best-known islands thanks to the main town of the same name, Hvar is also the sunniest island in Croatia, receiving 2,718 hours of sun annually!

    But what’s all the buzz about? Let’s start from the beginning. The name ‘Hvar’ comes from the Greek word Pharos. Notably, the ancient Greeks founded the colony Pharos in 384 BC, making the town of Hvar one of the oldest in Europe.

    Exploring Hvar town always offers a unique experience with a variety of history and beauty to embrace.

    Upon arriving in Hvar, you’ll quickly notice its most famous symbol looming above the island town – the white, distinguished-looking Spanish Fortress.

    Interestingly, on this site, the Illyrians built a defensive citadel to protect the fertile field somewhere between 1,000 and 500 B.C. The Greeks and Romans both made improvements on the citadel as they came over the centuries. However, it wasn’t until the Venetians came in the 13th century to protect Hvar against the pirates that the actual fort was built along with the town walls, whose remains you can still see today. A gunpowder explosion in 1579, triggered by lightning, almost completely destroyed the fortress. After it was rebuilt, it has stood in the same form for centuries.

    The climb to the top of the fortress isn’t as bad as it looks, either. In under 20 minutes, you can be wandering its walls and admiring the scenic view of the town and adjacent Pakleni islands below.

    Located at the entrance to the town square is the Arsenal building, which reopened for the first time in almost 20 years in May 2019.

    The Arsenal building was constructed on the site of an old theatre which was destroyed by the Ottomans and completed in 1611. Galleons would sail into the Arsenal where they would undergo necessary repairs.

    The upstairs of the building is the site of the first public theater in Europe, which opened back in 1612. The citizens and noblemen would gather under one roof to enjoy the plays, which were held inside this historical landmark until it underwent a necessary restoration which took nearly 20 years. The theatre reopened on May 1, 2019.

    Located at St. Stephen’s square, the main square in Hvar town, stands the St. Stephen’s Cathedral. As you walk the square from the port towards the Cathedral, you’ll notice its grandeur and just why it is one of the town’s iconic symbols. The fact that it is the largest city square in Dalmatia is not even the most exciting part!

    St. Stephen’s Cathedral stands at the end of the square. While the official age of the cathedral is unknown, we do know that it was built on the site of a church from the 6th century, and in the 13th century, as Hvar assumed its Bishopric, it received its cathedral status.

    The Cathedral boasts an interesting entrance where there are two sets of stairs. One set of stairs is weathered while the other glitters like new. This is because one set of stairs was used by everyday people and the other by Hvar’s noblemen.

    Since the Cathedral was built over many centuries, you can see elements of Gothic, Romanesque and Renaissance architectural styles.

    At its top, precisely four levels above, is the Cathedral’s bell tower constructed in 1550 by local masters, which is the most recognizable part of the Cathedral.

    Hvar is also known as the ‘island of lavender’ thanks to its vast lavender fields. Lavender today is used in cosmetics, cooking, or as decoration. It is also used for aromatherapy, as an antiseptic, and is a key ingredient in medicine, too. Apart from its lavender fame, Hvar is also known for its lace-making traditions from agave thread.

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    Pakleni Islands

    Just ten minutes from the island of Hvar you’ll encounter the Pakleni islands, an uninhabited archipelago consisting of islets and coves. Abundant in hidden bays, exotic plants, secluded beaches, and environments perfect for diving or snorkeling, the Pakleni has a little something for everyone.

    The most famous of this Pakleni island group is St. Klement island, where you’ll find the popular Palmižana, a sanctuary for speedboat tours in Hvar. A pebbled beach surrounded by thick pine forest, Palmižana also offers restaurants and bars where you can kick back and indulge in some of our delicious traditional meals.

    Something that should not be overlooked in Palmižana is the extraordinary botanical garden, which is the product of Toto and Dagmar Meneghello who, along with their families, put forth an incredible effort for more than a century. There are several species of mimosas, agave and more than 100 species of succulents, as well as Indian figs and cacti that are up to five meters tall!

    Šolta Island

    Šolta is not nearly as famous as the island of Hvar, but it is equally as unique. Located just 9 miles from Split, Šolta is glittered with pebble beaches bordered by pine forest, bright blue bays, and breathtaking architecture from baroque castles to the remains of Roman buildings and churches.

    Famous for its local production of high-quality olive oil, the island even produces oil that has been named among the best in the world. But that’s just part of it.

    Šolta is also known for Olintio honey, which is made of wild rosemary, and it is a haven for those who love wine, as the Dobrinčić grape is native to the area. As you might have assumed, it’s not a trip to Šolta unless you try all three.

    Maslinica and the Martinis Marchi Castle is not usually included on our route, but on a private tour, you can choose to visit this castle that was once used to protect the village from pirates. Today, however, it is a heritage hotel and restaurant.

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    Blue Lagoon 

    The Blue Lagoon is located just 10 minutes from Maslinica between the two Krknjaši islands and the island of Drvenik. Located 15 miles from Split and 7 miles from Trogir, the Blue Lagoon is ideal for a beach getaway thanks to its ultramarine underwater world, shallow and sandy swimming spots, and exclusivity.

    This area is also a natural habitat for dolphins, meaning there is a good chance you’ll spot them on your journey. Keep your eyes peeled and cameras handy!

    Like the island of Šolta, the Blue Lagoon is a painless escape from the city crowds; a bright and blue sanctuary that switches on relaxation mode.


    We’ll also take you to the UNESCO-protected town of Trogir, a quaint Dalmatian gem with a world of history and so much to offer. Trogir is one of the best-preserved romanesque-gothic cities in Europe and is situated on the islet between the island of Čiovo and the Croatian mainland.

    Trogir, UNESCO World Heritage Site, promenade

    We suggest you stroll along Trogir’s waterfront promenade or relax at one of its many bustling restaurants to have lunch. You’ll have time to visit Kamerlengo castle which was built in the 15th century, or the equally as impressive 15th-century St. Mark’s Fortress, which was constructed to defend the town from Turkish invaders.

    In Trogir’s main square you’ll find the St. Lawrence Cathedral and the iconic clock tower, and even meet the two Ćipiko palaces which are a mix of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance styles. You can gawk at the Trogir city gates, admire the walls, and let the alleyways charm you.

    After exploring this museum town, we will head back to Split to finish the tour.

    Book Private Hvar, Blue Lagoon and Trogir Tour

    Create Your Own Itinerary!

    Enjoy in the island hopping tour of favorite Split islands and have a Day to Remember

    Create your itinerary 

    There are several benefits to booking a private tour, but perhaps best of all is the fact that you get the final say. From flexibility to options and the chance to create a day tailored to your timing and needs, this tour is all about you – your guests, your destinations, your activities, and your schedule. We promise to do our part in making your dream holiday a reality and will gift you the best skipper out there. The rest is up to you – make it yours.