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    Blue Cave Tour from Split – Private Option

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    Starting with must-see nature wonder, its majesty the Blue Cave, we will continue to Budikovac, isolated island not heard by so many people and it is exactly what makes our tour so unique- the perfect combination of popular spots and less known destinations. This way you will get the full insight in stunning Croatian island life.

    On our private tour, we will drop the anchor in the most captivating locations and we invite you to feel free participating in creating the perfect itinerary for your perfect day out on the sea. We want to provide you with memorable experience and we will tailor the tour upon your preferences and requests. So, let’s take it all- from stunning beaches, over the mystic caves to the historical old cities. All of this is waiting for you to discover and we will provide you with the most comfortable and safe way.

    Blue Cave is not the only hot spot on this tour- the whole Vis archipelago is full of captivating sights and magical caves and we will even show you the last place in whole Mediterranean where the monk seals used to reside even until recently, as their home was right here in this incredible area. We’ll set our foot on famous Hvar too, as well as on Pakleni islands and island Budikovac.

    Map of the daily Blue Cave Tour from Split to help you plan!

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    Take advantage of having a private tour and choose destinations from our offer, decide how much time you would like to spend on each one or feel free to suggest some other stops you are interested in along the way. Enjoy your day sunbathing and relaxing on beautiful beaches, swimming in perfectly clear turquoise sea, walking the ancient streets and incredible botanical garden. Beside our route you can join us creating your perfect itinerary and we will suggest some more incredible destinations along the way.


    On the sunny side of the island, well sheltered from the cold northern winds, at the bottom of the largest bay of the island of Vis, enclosed in narrow, old streets and stone houses, fairly irregularly placed along small beaches, stands Komiza- by its fishermen the most famous place of the Adriatic. Everything in Komiža is based on farming, winemaking, fishing and fish processing, seafaring and in recent times- tourism, although even in the middle of the season there are not that many tourists here. The fishermen are especially noted for their Falkusa vessels which are a subtype of a traditional Dalmatian fishing sailboat gajeta and they have been here since 16th century. This picturesque Mediterranean fishing village was the main location for filming ‘Mamma Mia: Here we go again’ movie due to its great charm. Owning one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and one of them is right in the heart of the city, Komiža is unavoidable spot when guests visit island Vis and caves on nearby Biševo island.

    Pakleni islands

    Pakleni islands, aerial view of the archipelago Translated, Pakleni islands means Hellish islands although they are evidently pure paradise islands and definitely one of the most heavenly places on the planet. They are a chain of islands situated south from Hvar island and they make a combination of wooded islands in the azure sea, numerous swimming places on beach complex and stone terraces facing the sun. The most popular excursion destinations are (from the east to the west): Jerolim and Stipanska bay. Carpe Diem Beach, located in Stipanska bay, is for example the top Pakleni destination, especially for those looking to party. Some of the world’s top DJs have performed here and their Full Moon parties are the party highlights of the season.

    Jerolim bay was named in 2011 as the best naturist beach in the world by CNN and it is indeed a very popular FKK destination. In Palmižana bay, the Meneghello family opened their doors to tourists way back in 1906. A fabulous Palmižana arboretum is one of the hidden jewels of Dalmatia. Our regular tour includes magical Palmižana bay, but there are numerous other natural beaches and hidden bays that can be found along the island and that are waiting for you to discover. As diverse as they are stunning, those islands are the perfect chilled daytime experience!


    During your island-hopping tour, you will also have an opportunity to visit Šolta island, home to various bays and coves. Not so crowded, distanced from the city hustle and bustle, this island leaves everyone breathless. Known for its delicious food made of domestic ingredients such as one of the best olive oils ever, honey, gingerbread cake and ancient wine variety that grows on the island and is produced by local agricultural estates and vineyard owners. The ingredients used in making of gingerbread are local ecological products like honey, extra virgin olive oil, sherry and carob and this bread is a ‘must try’ when you visit this island. Šolta is very famous for its olive trees and olive oil making tradition. The olive groves date back to the Ancient Greeks and Šolta has olive trees older than 1000 years! Šolta is also well known for its honey made from wild rosemary. It has been in use since ancient times and beekeeping and honey production is one of the oldest traditions of the island. Due to its long history dating back from Neolithic times comes the legend of llyrian tribe’s Delmati- queen Teuta. She had the castle above the Senjska bay and its ramparts can still be seen. Her castle was named Mir (Peace) and it was the place where one could find inner strength and peace. This island has amazing vibes so don’t miss to enjoy its adorableness.


    There is so much to know and notice about island of Hvar so please be aware of following: Island of Hvar is famous by the oldest public theater in Europe established in 1612, birthplace of organized tourism in Europe and as the sunniest island in Europe. So many celebrities (Beyonce, Prince Harry, Demi Moore Roman Abramovich, Tom Cruise, Bill Gates..) have visited Hvar as the locals cause minimum fuss and leave them to relax.

    There are many impressive buildings and one of them is the Cathedral of St. Stephen located on the largest square in Dalmatia, the main town square. Visitors can witness its interesting variety of styles as construction was divided into a few stages- from 14th to 17th century, so it became a mixture of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture. Hvar is also known as the island of lavender as there are great lavender fields on Hvar and the production of lavender and its oil used to be the Hvar’s biggest export. Apart from other usual souvenirs, don’t forget to buy lavender souvenirs for your friends and family while you are here. Note also that Hvar has the most UNESCO heritage of any islands in the world and for example agave lace is one of them. It is being produced only by the sisters of Benedictine monastery in the city of Hvar, who were the first to establish this rare sort of lace making that hasn’t changed in the last 100 years as it involves special handling of agave nets in order to make lace. Whether you decide to walk along ancient street of old Hvar city, take a swim on some lonely beaches of Hvar island, enjoy its famous ‘fresh from the sea, fresh from the fields’ food, enjoy the cocktail in one of the beach bars by the sea, we guarantee you that Hvar will leave you with incredible lifetime impressions

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    Cruise through Split Island and have a Day to Remember

    No matter if you are a kind of traveler eager to see as much as possible or take your time and relax, private tour always makes it flexible designing your vacation.

    Our team will assist you all along the way advice you how to adjust itinerary according your wishes in order to fill the day on your way.
    And if you are out to catch some incredible Insta moments, this private speedboat tour is the way to have truly remarkable ones!

    Make your travel easy and fun, as together we’ll make your holiday wishes reality!