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    Krka Waterfalls – Private Tour from Split

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    Krka National Park, Skradinski Buk waterfallsWhat you need to know about Krka National Park

    Krka was proclaimed as a National park on January 24, 1985. It is famous for a large number of lakes and waterfalls and it’s the seventh national park in Croatia and it gained its name by the river Krka which is a part of the park.

    The National Park is located in central Dalmatia, only a few kilometers from the city of Šibenik. The hydroelectric power plant Jaruga under the waterfall of Skradinski buk is the second oldest hydropower plant in the world and the first in Europe. It was built just three days after the world’s first hydropower plant on the Niagara Falls!

    The park covers area of 109 square kilometres with preserved ecosystems, untouched flora and fauna with 1022 plant species.

    The larger waterfalls are Bilušići buk(19,6m), Brljanski slap(15,5m), Manojlovac(59,6m), Rošnjak(8,4m), Miljacka(23,8m), Roški slap(26,5m) and Skradinski buk(45,7m).

    Miljacka waterfall is not available for visitors because it is situated near Miljacka hydro-power plant. Near the waterfall there is also the cave of Miljacka II, where there are numerous endemic and protected underground animals.

    But the most beautiful and Krka’s largest waterfall is Skradinski buk. Located just by the end of the Krka river, near Skradin, this is one of the most famous Croatian natural sights. Skradinski buk is the main attraction of our Krka Waterfalls tour and we’ll take an easy walk across its paths where you will feel the unique microscope life together with its magical sounds, lights and colors, encircling numerous types of trammel barriers and aquatic habitats.

    Skradinski buk consists of 17 stairs, a total length of up to 800 meters, while the height difference reaches just over 45 meters. There is a lake at the bottom of the waterfall where many visitors chill during the warmer part of the year. This is also the most popular part of Krka NP and here you will find many souvenir shops, workshops, restaurants and ethnographic collections which are a part of the old mills.

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    What to expect

    If you are located in Split area and you are eager to explore more than just a city of Split, Krka is a great choice. It is situated only 90km from Split and great point is that the city of Trogir is located on our way to the Krka National park which we are going to visit and explore too. We will head out with our luxury and fully equipped mini bus with air-condition and a Wi-Fi that is provided along the whole journey. After 30 minutes of driving from Split, you will reach Trogir city and discover why is it enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage site. Trogir is the best preserved Romanesque- Gothic city in Europe. The city of Trogir is situated on the islet between the island of Čiovo and the mainland. The castle and a tower surrounded by city walls represent the core of Trogir. It is also known by the main square where you’ll find the St. Lawrence Cathedral and the city clock tower. St. Lawrence Cathedral was built in 13th century and it’s one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Croatia, its construction lasted for almost 300 years.

    After exploring this little gem, you can enjoy at Trogir promenade which is located in the southern part of the city and it’s a great place to relax or have a coffee. From this marvelous coastal city, we will continue to Skradin where we officially enter the Krka National Park. First, we’ll have panoramic boat ride till we reach Skradinski Buk, which is the most majestic waterfall in the park. You will have one hour guided sightseeing of the park when we come to Skradinski Buk and after that you’ll have two hours of free time so you can continue exploring this gorgeous park on your own, you can have a lunch right by the waterfalls on marked places within the park.

    What to see inside Krka National Park?

    Infographic of Skradinski buk, most beautiful area of Krka National ParkFirst you will enjoy the scenic boat ride while reaching Skradinski Buk- the longest waterfall on Krka river and a great place to get to know the rich ethnographic heritage of the area. Here you will discover reconstructed mills, some of them are arranged as souvenir shops, while others are converted into exhibition spaces for the ethnographic collection. Our experienced guide will take you to an hour long walk to show you this beautiful wonder of nature and you will learn some truly interesting stories about captivating history of this place. You will have over two hours of free time to explore the park by yourself so you can buy unique authentic souvenir, try some of the local products on sales booths from the local people, you can even have a lunch.

    Swimming inside Krka National Park?

    As we already told you- swimming in Krka National Park is allowed, so don’t forget your swimming suits and towels! But please notice- swimming is allowed only in summer season and in the clearly marked swimming areas.

    All you will need in Krka National Park

    As we already mentioned, bring your swimming suit, towel and sun protection, wear casual clothes and comfortable shoes for walking and bring your camera so you can capture all the beautiful sights you will witness. Also, we advise you to bring water and sunglasses with you. We suggest you bringing water shoes too, they are optional but it is not bad idea to have them handy because sometimes swimming in waterfalls area can be slippery. You don’t have to bring food because inside of the park there is a restaurant and also if you want just a quick lunch there are food corners where you can buy everything- from sandwiches to ice cream or coffee.

    Book Private Krka Waterfalls Tour

    Create Your Own Itinerary!

    Get on the most popular national park tour from Split in your own arrangement

    Why is this private tour the best way to get to Krka National Park from Split?

    There are few ways to reach Krka National Park but the best one is for sure with us! You can take a bus to Šibenik, the ride takes 2 and a half hours, and after that you need to catch the other bus to Skradin. All of this is very complicated and takes a lot of time. The other option for you is to rent a car, but the prices are pretty high and you have to worry about parking which is hard to find in peak of the season and also very expensive.

    When you book with us, you don’t have to worry about any of these things. You will be traveling with our luxury and fully equipped mini bus, with air-conditioning and Wi-Fi that is provided along the whole journey. We’ll reach Krka Waterfalls in an hour and a half, and on our way we’ll stop to see Trogir- little historic town enlisted on UNESCO World Heritage sites list, and definitely must visit place while you are in Croatia. Let our driver worry about parking place while you enjoy with our guide exploring glorious waterfalls. And of course, if you choose a private tour there are no other guests with you, so you can enjoy these beautiful moments privately with your friends and family.

    Create your own itinerary

    When you decide to book a private tour with us, one of the advantages is that you can change the itinerary we created and you can create your own. You are free to suggest other stops you are interested to visit along the way, you can decide to have more free time in Trogir, or maybe you don’t want to visit Trogir at all and you want to go directly to Krka waterfalls, whatever you decide we will do our best to fulfill your wishes and to make this trip as spectacular as it can be.

    Let us share our passion and expertise with you and plan a vacation you’ll never forget!