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Night of St Lawrence Speedboat tour

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Night of St Lawrence

~ TEARS OF SAINT LAWRENCE – Only on August 10th ~

Each year on the evening of August 10th, the entire Šugaman family gathers on a night cruise to chase the Perseid meteor shower on the Night of St. Lawrence where making wishes to shooting stars are the highlight of the itinerary.

The Places You’ll Go!

Out on the open sea, far from Split city lights, for an unforgettable view of the night sky and the clear view of the shooting stars.

Tour Highlights

Small group experience
Observing shooting stars in the pitch black night sky
Hang out with locals on board
Dalmatian finger food and Croatian sparkling wine
See Split’s enchanting skyline from afar

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Tour Info

Departure: 22:00
Duration: 3 h 30 min

On this evening tour we will serve you Dalmatian finger food paired with Croatian sparkling wine.

Who was Saint Lawrence?

St. Lawrence was the early Christian version of Robin Hood. He was the first of seven deacons under Pope Sixtus II but was executed on August 10th 258 when Roman Roman Emperor Valerian ordered the prosecution of all bishops, priests and deacons.

The Legend of St. Lawrence

The shooting stars seen in the sky on this August night are believed to be the tears of St Lawrence that he shed during his martyrdom. The tears are suspended in the universe and just once a year they fall to Earth.

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Legend says that St. Lawrence’s body was placed on a gridiron with coals beneath it. And after a long suffer he made his famous remark: “Turn me over, I’m done on this side”.

Therefore, he is also considered the patron saint of chefs and cooks but also of the poor, students, wine makers, butchers, brewers, restaurateurs, librarians, miners, and comedians. St Lawrence is one of the most venerated saints in the Catholic world and devotion to him dates back to the fourth century.

Saint Lawrence is usually depicted holding a gridiron and wearing dalmatic.

Did You Know?

Dalmatic, worn during the coronation service of the British monarch, originally was made from Dalmatian wool, hence its name. Split is the capital of the region of Dalmatia.

Ticket Info

Private tour: € 570

For up to 10 people

Tour Date

August 10th


water/windproof jacket, Croatian sparkling wine and Dalmatian finger food.

Meeting Point and Arrival Info

Office address: Dosud ulica 4
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Arriving by car

July and August can get very busy, so we recommend you get clear instructions about available parking
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Arriving by bus

Buses that stop at Tržnica (green market) near our office
2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 18 and 60
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€ 570

For up to 10 people
Only on August 10th

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