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    • Tugging of Mrduja Island
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    Blue Lagoon Tour with Tugging of Mrduja Island

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    Tugging of Mrduja Island

    ~ BLUE LAGOON SPECIAL EDITION TOUR / Only on July 29th ~

    The islands of Brač and Šolta have been fighting over the right to ownership of the Mrduja islet with a tug-of-war ever since time can remember. Every year, islanders from each side come with their boat and try to pull the island closer to theirs with a rope. This floating tug-of-war gathers quite a following as spectators come on their boats to cheer and support their team, followed by a local feast of song and wine to celebrate the winning island, which quite suitably alternates from year to year.

    Tour Highlights

    Small group experience
    Visit the “Adriatic’s tropical paradise” – the Blue Lagoon
    Take part in once-in-a-summer event
    Explore the vibrant marine life by snorkeling
    Witness the thugging of the Mrduja island


    14:30 Departure from Split Riva

    15:10 Enjoying in the Blue Lagoon

    16:20 Departure for Mrduja Island

    17:00 Start of the Tugging

    18:30 Departure for Split

    19:00 Arrival to Split

    The Places You’ll Go!

    Blue Lagoon & Mrduja island

    The Story of Mrduja Island

    Mrduja is a small island adjacent to Brač’s port of Milna. Even though it is a small island, Mrduja has a legendary past. In ancient times, when islands were believed to be moving through the oceans, Mrduja took base in the middle of the passage between Brač and Šolta, known as the Gateway to Split.

    Both Brač and Šolta were claiming ownership of the island, resulting in ugly fights and quarrels. The islanders therefore decided to make a peace agreement where both Brač and Šolta, each from their own side will tie ropes around the island and attempt to pull on closer to their side.

    Ticket Info

    Private tour: € 600

    For up to 10 people

    Tour Date

    July 29th


    Croatian sparkling wine and Dalmatian finger food, snorkeling gear, insurance.

    Useful Tips

    Wear casual and light clothes. Water/ windproof jackets will be provided

    In order to make your trip as comfortable as possible, please bring waterproof sun cream, camera and comfortable shoes.

    Meeting Point and Arrival Info

    Office address: Obala Ante Trumbića 16
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    Arriving by car

    July and August can get very busy, so we recommend you get clear instructions about available parking
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    Arriving by bus

    Buses that stop at Tržnica (green market) near our office
    2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 18 and 60
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    Free Pickup Service

    The free pickup is subject of availability and covers the areas spanning from Stobreč to Solin


    € 600

    For up to 10 people
    Only on July 29th