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    Split as the center of Dalmatia is the perfect place to start your exploration of great number of Dalmatian destinations either on coast or on numerous Dalmatian islands. Visiting Dalmatian destinations has become a top priority for great number of travelers planing their Croatia holidays.

    The main reason people wish to visit and experience Dalmatian destinations is because in majority of them people still tend to live in traditional way of life. With long history, historical buildings, palaces, churches, town squares, ports, fortresses and hospitable people it is no wonder Dalmatian destinations tend to attract more and more visitors from all over the world.

    Walking the streets of many Dalmatian towns and villages you have the feeling of traveling back in time experiencing how people used to live hundreds of years ago. Many of the palaces, old houses and churches are still being used today by Dalmatian people, preserving and giving life to history allowing us to experience it in a whole new dimension.

    Because of its preserved historical buildings like fortresses, city walls and numerous palaces the certain Dalmatian destinations have been used as a stage for a planetary popular TV series Game of Thrones. City of Split is also one of those Dalmatian destinations used for the series because of its 1,700 year old Diocletian Palace with its perfectly preserved basements, houses inside the Palace  still occupied till this day and the Klis fortress located on the hill between mountains of Mosor and Kozjak.

    From city of Split you can follow the coastal road and visit Dalmatian destinations such as towns Sibenik and Zadar with their rich cultural heritage or town Omis nestled next to Cetina river with  its canyon sheltered by the surrounding mountains. As you drive the coastal road from Split you will be exposed to great number of small settlements and villages each with its story and unique history to tell.

    Split is also a perfect Dalmatian destination to explore numerous towns and villages on the Dalmatian islands. Even though the towns on the islands follow the similar constructional pattern majority of them was build long time ago, oldest of them by the Greeks in B.C. and later on by the Romans. Towns and villages on the islands are a unique pearl of Croatian culture and history as many of them still preserve the traditional way of life of Dalmatian people.

    On our daily speedboat tours from Split as well as on our adventure and culture tours we visit a great number of Dalmatian destinations each with its history and a story to tell. If you wish to visit specific Dalmatian destination not included in our tours from Split feel free to contact us and we will help you to experience it as well.

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