Activity Tours from Split

    For people looking to spend their holidays in Split and who enjoy in the active lifestyle we have hand picked the selection of best the activity tours from Split.

    Healthy and active lifestyle is thankfully becoming a life quest for growing number of families around the world. People today enjoy venturing out in the wild nature, hiking the trails surrounded by the forest, lakes and rivers, immersed in the peacefulnesses of the world which we have forgotten about and neglected during the past couple of decades. Luckily, the importance of being connected with nature, having an active and healthy lifestyle is climbing rapidly on the priority scale for large number of people.


    Since city Split is growing as the tourist destination in Croatia so is the tourist offer which is available to all the travelers visiting this beautiful city on the Adriatic coast to choose from. It’s closeness to the natural parks, river canyons and a number of large and small islands makes it perfect vacation destination for anyone looking for active holidays.

    From hiking the trails of the natural parks, rafting and canyoning on the rivers all the way to the sea activities such as sea kayaking, fishing, spearfishing and diving.

    Activity Tours in the Nature

    Going out into the nature with your family or friends has always presented special and memorable moments that will be cherished for years to come. With these hand picked activity tours from Split you will be able to choose which memory you wish to take back home from your holiday in Split


    Rafting on Cetina River Tour takes you on the unforgettable adventure ride down the Cetina canyon where you navigate through the Cetina river enjoying in the untouched nature around you. You are accompanied down the river by the experienced guide who will instruct you on where to go and how hard to paddle. You will even get to refresh yourself by jumping into clear and clean Cetina River.

    This tour is perfect for all kinds of people. You don’t need to be particularly fit to go on this white water rafting tour as it’s difficulty is not more than 3 but you need to be prepared for some paddling and occasional swimming.


    Cetina River canyoning tour is the perfect way to experience all the beauty of the Cetina River canyon. Wild, jungle like, nature around you, river waterfalls and green banks will accompany you all the way through this unforgettable hike. You will be accompanied by the experienced guide through over two kilometers of natural trails where you will be required to walk, jump and swim in the clean and refreshing Cetina river.

    This activity tour is perfect for fit people who are looking for an adventure and a chance to explore the wild and beautiful natural surroundings.

    ADULT€ 43
    CHILD€ 43
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    Rafting Tour Itinerary

    09:00               meeting
    09:00-09:45    transfer to the start point of the tour
    10:00              start of rafting on Cetina river
    16:00              arrival in Split

    Duration: Approximately 3h and 30 min
    Included: Skipper, VAT, insurance, guide assistance, transfer and equipment

    ADULT€ 47
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    Canyoning Tour Itinerary

    09:00              Meeting point in front of the entrance in Diocletian’s palace basements
    09:00-09:45   Transfer to the start point of the tour
    10:00              Start of canyoning
    16:00              Arrival in Split

    Duration: approx 3h and 30 min
    Included: equipment (helmet, life-jacket and a long neoprene suit), insurance and guide assistance

    National Park Krka

    National Park Krka tour from Split takes you on a ride from Split to Krka National Park. On this national park tour you will hike the trails of National Park and learn about the ethnographic history from this part of Croatia. Inside the Krka National park there are areas which are permitted for swimming so take the opportunity and jump in the refreshing Krka river in the near vicinity of waterfalls.

    This tour is ideal for people who enjoy hiking through nature and enjoy in the natural beauties. Krka National Park has created a great educational program presenting how people used to live here in the past giving this tour a great cultural value.

    Plitvice National Park

    Plitvice National Park tour is another activity tour from Split where you venture out in the beautiful surroundings of national park and enjoy numerous hikes and trails inside it. You will visit more numerous lakes and be blown away by the beauty and sound of Croatia’s largest waterfall. You will even go on the boat ride through the lake on this tour. You can’t find more beautiful surrounding than the one you will encounter when you hike the trails of Plitvice National Park so make sure to have camera ready to capture some unforgettable moments.

    This tour is ideal for people of all kinds of activity levels but who enjoy venturing out into nature. Because Plitvice National Park in on a half way from Split to Zagreb, this tour may be perfect for people who are looking for a transfer from Split to Zagreb or vice versa but wish to take advantage of the National Park tour as a part of the transfer offer thus making it a fulfilling day of their holiday.

    ADULT€ 56
    CHILD (3-14)€ 33
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    Krka Tour Itinerary

    08:15 – 08:30     Departure from Split
    10:30 – 13:00     Skradinski buk
    13:30 – 15:45     Roski slap, optional lunch
    16:30 – 18:00     Sightseeing of Šibenik
    19:30                     Return to Split

    Duration: approx 11 hours
    Destinations:  Split – NP  Krka waterfalls – Šibenik – Split
    Inclusions: Pick up and Drop off, Official tour guide, Entrance tickets, Insurance

    ADULT€ 80
    CHILD (3-14)€ 48
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    Plitvice Tour Itinerary

    07:30 – 07:45      Departure from Split
    11:30 – 15:30      Guided Sightseeing of National Park Plitvice Lakes
    16:00 – 17:00      Free time for lunch
    20:00 – 20:30      Arrival in Split

    Duration: approx 12 hours
    Destinations: Split – National Park Plitvice lakes – Split
    Inclusions: Pick up and Drop off, Air-conditioned transport, Official tour guide, Entrance tickets, Insurance

    Rock Climbing


    Rock climbing the Marjan Hill is an excellent activity tour which takes place in the city of Split itself. On the South side of the Park Forrest Marjan hill there are limestone rocks with over 80 bolted routes suitable for all climbing skill levels. There are trails suitable for beginners as well as for the experienced climbers. As you climb higher on the Marjan hill the scenery behind you becomes more and more beautiful as the islands of Brac, Hvar, Solta and sometimes Vis emerge on the horizon.

    This activity tour is ideal for active people who enjoy natural rock climbing or who feel rock climbing may be the activity they wish to take on in the future as Marjan Hill climbing tour is perfect for climbing beginners.

    Activity Tours on the Adriatic Sea

    Besides activity tours from Split which mainly take place in beautiful natural setting, we have also prepared for you different activity tours which take place in or on the Adriatic sea.

    Sea Kayaking

    Sea Kayaking tour takes you around Marjan hill, the lungs of the Split city, in search of some good active time and seeking for secluded bays for some swimming and snorkeling. The kayaking tour last for about four hours where you will learn all about sea kayaking and use the gained knowledge as you paddle around Marjan.

    This tour is perfect as an everyday tour for active people who are looking to incorporate good physical activity into swimming and snorkeling. Join the small group and paddle away in the vicinity of Split city center.


    Diving tour from Split takes you on a boat ride from Split to the secret diving spots where you will enjoy in the hidden caves, shipwrecks and thriving marine life. You don’t need to be experienced diver to join this tour as you are accompanied by professional instructor who is educating you and following on every step of the dive.

    This tour is perfect for people who are interested into learning how to dive using professional diving equipment. As well as for the beginners this tour can be arranged for the experienced divers as well.

    ADULT€ 37
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    Sea Kayaking Tour Itinerary

    01.05. do 31.05. / 08.09. do 01.10.

    Departure: 10 AM, Arrival 2PM


    Departure: 10AM, Arrival 2PM
    Departure: 2:30 AM, Arrival 6:30PM

    Duration: approx 4 hours
    Destinations: Marjan hill’s coastline

    ADULT€ 60
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    Diving Tour Itinerary

    Discover Scuba Diving:

    Departure 10 AM – Arrival 5:00 PM

    Two options:
    1. Split-Ciovo-Blue Lagoon_Solta
    2. Split-south part of island Brac-Bol

    Duration: approx  7 h
    Included: Diving equipment, professional instructor, boat ride, insurance


    Spearfishing tour is a full day activity tour from Split on which you will learn how to spearfish from the professional spear-fisher. If you have never dove before or if you are experienced diver you are sure to pick up knowledge and skills from your instructor and guide. With the tour lasting approximately 9 hours you are bound to have an active full day immersed in the primal hunting experience.

    This tour is perfect for active people who wish to learn how to free dive and gain knowledge about the behavior of the fish and various techniques of spearfishing.


    Fishing tour from Split is a full day tour on which you are taken by the boat to the Split islands for some fishing adventure. You are joining the lifelong fisherman who will take you to some hidden coves brimming with all kinds of Adriatic fish species. No matter you experience level in fishing you are sure to pick up new fishing skills from your guide. The tour is finished as you freshly caught fish is prepared for you in the local restaurant.

    This tour is perfect for the people who enjoy in the sport of fishing and who look to learn more about it. On this full day tour you will go from catching the fish to enjoying the fruits of your labor in Dalmatian restaurant rounding of the perfect day.

    PRICE€ 400
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    Spearfishing Tour Itinerary

    08:00 Departure from the meeting point
    08:45 Arrival at the finest diving area
    11:00 Swimming break
    13:30 Lunch at a local restaurant
    17:00 Arrival in Split

    Duration: Approximately 9 hours
    Included: skipper, VAT, fuel, HD video and diving equipment for 2 people

    PRICE€ 350
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    Fishing Tour Itinerary

    08:00 Departure
    08:45 Arrival at the prime fishing spots
    11:00 Swimming break
    13:30 Lunch at a local restaurant
    17:00 Arrival in Split

    Duration: approx 9 hours
    Destinations: Split’s islands, depending on wind sea currents
    Included: Skipper, VAT, fuel and fishing equipment, the fish you catch for lunch

    Besides all the activity tours from Split listed above you can contact us for your favorite summer activities which we did not offered on the Day Trips from Split website.