Adventure Tours From Split

There are no memories in life that stuck with you the longest than the ones of an adventure that you have been through. Adventure tours from Split is the selection of day tours whose main focus is to provide you with the adventure which you will cherish for a long time into the future.

The vicinity of the city of Split to various river canyons, natural parks, vast areas of untouched nature and its closeness to the big and small islands with countless numbers of hidden bays makes it the perfect location to start your adventure holiday.


Even though there are great number of things to do in Split, taking on the adventure tour may be the thing that you may wish to circle on your to do list for Split. Ideal for families and the groups of friends enjoying in the common activity while surrounded by the untouched nature of Croatia is the unparalleled together time which will be cherished by everyone involved.

We have prepared for you a number of adventure tours from Split with different levels of activity which is needed on each tour. Bring some adventure and activity in your holiday for unforgettable moments you will share with your close ones.

Adventure Tours in the Nature

The biggest advantage of the Split city as the leading travel destination in Croatia is its vicinity to National Parks, untouched natural hinterland with rivers and river canyons, traditional coastal and inland towns which have kept the history and the way of life alive till today.

Below is the selection of the adventure tours which take you deep into the nature and its breathtaking world.

Rafting on Cetina River Tour

Rafting on Cetina River tour takes you on the unforgettable adventure ride down the Cetina canyon where you navigate through the Cetina river with its green banks and the small and larger streams. As a part of the adventure you will even get to refresh yourself by jumping into clear Cetina River.

This adventure tour is of the low to medium activity level which is appropriate even for children.

Canyoning on Cetina River

Cetina River canyoning is the ideal adventure tour that will take you down the Cetina river canyon down the streams and waterfalls and the beautiful scenery which surrounds you. On this tour you will be required to walk, jump and swim in the clear and refreshing Cetina river.

This adventure tour is intermediate to high activity level so it is suitable to somewhat fit people.

ADULT € 43
CHILD € 43
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Rafting Tour Itinerary

09:00               meeting
09:00-09:45    transfer to the start point of the tour
10:00              start of rafting on Cetina river
16:00              arrival in Split

Duration: Approximately 3h and 30 min
Included: Skipper, VAT, insurance, guide assistance, transfer and equipment

ADULT € 47
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Canyoning Tour Itinerary

09:00              Meeting point in front of the entrance in Diocletian’s palace basements
09:00-09:45   Transfer to the start point of the tour
10:00              Start of canyoning
16:00              Arrival in Split

Duration: approx 3h and 30 min
Included: equipment (helmet, life-jacket and a long neoprene suit), insurance and guide assistance

Rock Climbing on Marjan Hill in Split


Climbing the Marjan Hill is an excellent adventure and activity tour which takes place in the lungs of the city of Split itself. On the South side of the Park Forrest Marjan hill there are limestone rocks with over 80 bolted routes suitable for people with all rock climbing skill levels. There are routes suitable for beginners as well as for the experienced climbers.

This adventure tour is medium to high activity level depending on the climbing route.

Adventure Tours on the Adriatic Sea

Besides adventure tours to the nature, the city of Split, being the coastal city, has a selection of adventure tours which take place out on or in the Adriatic sea. Adriatic sea is still clean with the healthy population of fish species. On its many islands you may find countless uninhabited and not easily approachable bays and beaches as well as towns and villages that still cherish the traditional way of life.

This makes it for the perfect scenery for some of the Adventure tours that take place on or in the Adriatic sea.

Sea kayaking tour

Sea kayaking adventure tour takes you around Marjan hill for some active time spent learning the various tips and techniques of sea kayaking. On this tour you will also seek hidden bays for some swimming and snorkeling o perhaps relaxing time on the shores of Split’s Park Forrest.

This adventure tour requires medium to high activity level depending solely on you and your desire to paddle.

Diving tour from Split

Diving tour from Split is the perfect adventure tour on which you will get to know the hidden marine life of the Adriatic sea. You are taken to the secret diving spots on where you will enjoy in the hidden caves, shipwrecks and thriving marine life. This tour is appropriate to people of all diving levels. There is diving instructor who will instruct even those who are diving for the first time.

This adventure tour requires medium to intermediate activity level.

ADULT € 37
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Sea Kayaking Tour Itinerary

01.05. do 31.05. / 08.09. do 01.10.

Departure: 10 AM, Arrival 2PM


Departure: 10AM, Arrival 2PM
Departure: 2:30 AM, Arrival 6:30PM

Duration: approx 4 hours
Destinations: Marjan hill’s coastline

ADULT € 60
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Diving Tour Itinerary

Discover Scuba Diving:

Departure 10 AM – Arrival 5:00 PM

Two options:
1. Split-Ciovo-Blue Lagoon_Solta
2. Split-south part of island Brac-Bol

Duration: approx  7 h
Included: Diving equipment, professional instructor, boat ride, insurance

Spearfishing tour

Spearfishing tour is a full day adventure tour from Split on which you are taken on the ultimate adventure of fish hunting. Holding your breath free diving, stalking and waiting for fish will bring out all the primal hunting emotions in you. The tour guide and your instructor will teach you how to free dive, how to follow and anticipate fish behavior and finally he will teach you all the tricks of spearfishing. Your entire spearfishing adventure will be captured on a HD video which you will have as a memory of the day you spend hunting for the Adriatic fish.

This adventure tour requires medium to high activity level.

Fishing tour from Split

Fishing tour from Split is a full day adventure tour on which you join the lifelong fishermen who takes you on the boat ride to Split islands where all the secrets of rod fishing are revealed to you. With the knowledge gained from the fishermen and the prime fishing spots you are taken to there will definitively be enough fish which will be prepared to you in the local restaurant rounding of perfect day out on the Adriatic sea.

This adventure tour from Split requires low to medium activity level.

PRICE € 400
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Spearfishing Tour Itinerary

08:00 Departure from the meeting point
08:45 Arrival at the finest diving area
11:00 Swimming break
13:30 Lunch at a local restaurant
17:00 Arrival in Split

Duration: Approximately 9 hours
Included: skipper, VAT, fuel, HD video and diving equipment for 2 people

PRICE € 350
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Fishing Tour Itinerary

08:00 Departure
08:45 Arrival at the prime fishing spots
11:00 Swimming break
13:30 Lunch at a local restaurant
17:00 Arrival in Split

Duration: approx 9 hours
Destinations: Split’s islands, depending on wind sea currents
Included: Skipper, VAT, fuel and fishing equipment, the fish you catch for lunch

Join us on the Adventure Tours from Split and start your Croatian adventure on the selected locations full of natural beauties.